Sunday, April 01, 2007

happy april fools' day, peeps.

there's this song by sarah harmer, something like "the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs". i don't know about anyone else but whenever i hear it i can't help but think it sounds like she's saying "the little-ass birds sing the pretty-ass songs". next time you hear it imagine she's saying it that way and from then on you won't be able to hear it any other way.

last night i went to a figure skating show with claire to see caedy skate. it was the cutest. right before the intermission this olympic pairs skating team did their thing, and it was strangely and deeply compelling... believe it or not! (!!!) i used to like to watch figure skating on TV but really haven't been into it for years... and i now pretty much think it's cheesy... but claire and i were both pretty moved by it. i think it was something to do with seeing it in real life, close up, that made the difference. also, their music was damien rice, and that was definitely a part of its effectiveness. loooove damien rice. i still want/NEED to see blades of glory, though, with all its wonderful mocking-figure-skating-ness.

i am eating baby carrots. they never go bad. never. i bought them awhile ago and they are as fresh and crunchy as though i bought them this morning. i'm kind of creeped out. but, i'm still eating them. i guess i'm not all that creeped out.

i have discovered that it is not as difficult to post pictures on here as i once thought. therefore, be prepared people, for the upcoming onslaught that will be me posting pictures ALL THE TIME.

here you see mary anne and i being, well, awesome. or stupid? or hilarious? or GROSS? i look grossed-out, at the very least. maybe because the inside of mary anne's nose is visible. hey... if you ever wanted to know what the OTHER side of a nose-ring looks like, take a peek ladies and gentlemen.

below you will see the famous matheson "Smug Face", invented by ian and i years ago when we were young and quarrelsome. we still use it to this day during arguments. on the right you see my mother who has also adopted the "Smug Face". you should try it one day. it never fails to make your opponent feel small and weak.

i would really like something warm and sweet to drink, so i am going to leave you now to prepare such a drink.

i hope you all had a terrific april fools' day.


Valeria 10:37 PM  

Do you type in all lower-case or does it change all your letters to lower-case? Because I thought it was funny that TV was capitalized but not the beginning of sentences. Awesome.

Annie 11:16 PM  

haha. i type in lower-case. so yes, my choosing to capitalize "TV" was slightly arbitrary.

ariane 12:14 AM  

I believe this 'sarah harmer' is also the be good tanyas they are good... a little folk-ish though. I fell like that to upon hearing it. CAPITALS SOUND LIKE LOUD NOISES. on to bathe.

Annie 12:15 AM  

wow.... wow. i am so confused by your comment, ariane. haha

Claire 10:09 PM  

You're funny. It's amusing. Anywho--Smug Face will henceforth be my only face. Classic.