Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I find that work is a lot more enjoyable when there is coffee involved. Lately I have been enjoying Moja Coffee at work, a gift from my Aunt Elaine who lives out in the Vancouver area. A friend of hers created the coffee company which sells organic coffee. You should visit the website.

Thank you for listening to my shameless plug for a friend-of-the-family's business.

Anyway, early-early this morning right before I woke up I had an extremely vivid dream that I had to go back to high school. In the dream I was back at Westdale trying to register for classes alongside countless young'uns. Throughout most of the dream I was in a state of mild panic because I was 23 in the dream, as I am in real life, and ENROLLING IN HIGH SCHOOL. Gahhhhhhhhh. It was one of those dreams that feels totally, absolutely real, and when I woke up I had to shakily convice myself it was all just a dream.

I'm thinking I had this dream because last week I registered for an online correspondence course to upgrade my high school transcript. There is nothing quite like the feeling of regression, even though I know that by doing this I am actually moving forward. Why didn't those high school guidance counselor jerks tell me I needed FOUR academic courses, not THREE, in order to go to university??? Now I have to take "Earth and Space Science". Oh the shame!!!!

Apparently it is supposed to snow this week. I am dreading this. Every single year I am one of those cynical meanies who tell everyone who says "it's finally spring!" that winter is NOT over, not by a long shot, and that the weather will probably get crappy again. But every single year I end up becoming prematurely excited about spring by April, only to get dumped on by snow. Like, an hour later. We should all fast and pray and meditate over scripture for warm spring weather. I'm serious.

Me and Val are moving. We found an apartment tonight. It's pretty small but it has a sweet balcony and east & south-facing windows.... bright! I love light..... it's gonna be sweet. Oh, and we'll have a really big fridge which will be REALLY sweet.

On a completely different note -

Let us sit in silent and awed appreciation of the sheer brilliance of this photo:

That is my bro Ian on the right. And, of course, JACK FREAKING BAUER on the left. Or Kiefer Sutherland. Or whatever.


Claire 10:05 PM  

A) there are apartments open across the street from me. They're a little hit and miss---but it might be worth a shot...so close to downtown etc....close to moi and RB.
B) I wanna get LOST. It MUST be tomorrow night because I have surgery Thurs.
C) still want to sign up for ballet at the Y? It's not too late. Talk to me.
D) sorry about Monday night (ie LAST night)...I forgot. Did you go?

Annie 10:16 PM  

ahhh... really? wow. i should go look at them - tomorrow. because val is giving the other apartment people a cheque tomorrow at 4. are you around earlier in the day tomorrow? i don't have to work. maybe you can come with me to look at that other apartment?

ps - i didn't end up going - wanna go to the next one?

pps - YES, i still want to sign up for ballet... totally forgot about that. we shall talk.

itmademesignup 11:28 PM  

Apartment! I hope that you don't have to make a hard decision about which apartment we should take tomorrow afternoon. That would suck ass.

itmademesignup 11:29 PM  

I don't understand this identity confusion...this is a really old blogger account i forget making, and I can't find the new one! AHHHH!

Annie 11:18 AM  

val, right? there has gotta be a way for you to get your old info back!

ariane 11:11 PM  

yo dogg. that weird. I have seen that foto before. What is its gist? weird man. ian is like... jack bauer protoge. cool.

Anonymous 1:20 AM  

And you say you slip drugs into my food? You my dear, also are ingesting trace amounts of lsd-esque drugs it seems.

Annie 7:33 PM  

ariane: when ian was in kamloops this past fall he went into some bar and kiefer sutherland was there. ian happened to have his camera with him, and got someone to take the picture. the guy you see in the background, on the right, is apparently KS's bodyguard, who tried to shove ian out of the way until KS said it was okay for him to pose for a picture.

Annie 7:34 PM  

sharon: i am? yikes.

Sonya 11:02 AM  

I remember hearing about Kiefer being in my neck of the woods, but only after he had left. :( I can't believe your brother got to meet him. I'm so jealous.