Wednesday, April 04, 2007

today's HAPPY thoughts.

don't worry, claire (or anyone else for that matter); val is not converting to islam - no intervention/kidnapping/de-programming required. today she wore a hijab (sp?) all day for a school experiment thing.... and she looked so darned authentic, i had to take a picture! and post it on my blog!

anyway, today i felt the urge to make a list of things that i LOOOOOOVE lately:

the smell a heater makes when it hasn't been turned on in a long time.

travel mugs.

george michael. (even though i am quite allergic to him)

only having to work TOMORROW and then getting a long weekend.

getting an apartment tonight.

how clean the kitchen is right now.

rich, dark coffee with non-dairy french vanilla creamer.

getting my pay cheque.

the fact that no one is home right now.

hanging out with family this easter weekend.

hanging out with mary anne, jordan and jolene this friday.

getting to do whatever the heck i want today because it is my day off.

watching LOST tonight!

my ratty "zoo blanket" that i have had since childhood.

my ratty "holly hobbie" pillowcase that i have also had since childhood.

hot water bottles.

roommates in happy moods.

bulk barn.

spoonfuls of peanut butter.

book-reading that turns into an unplanned nap.

the soothing ticking of my wall clock.

the aroma of dan's vegan cooking.

fully charged ipods.

good quality incence.

listening to sufjan on the greyhound bus to woodstock, planning my future, while dreamily gazing out the window.

the fact that i am actually writing in my hand-written journal on a daily basis.


itmademesignup 9:31 PM  

You are the cutest, thanks for not freaking over the hijab! Its pretty cool wearing it, but I wonder if the sense I get that people are looking at me is exaggerated or just too sensitive. And you are cute with your list of favourite things, just like the sound of music.

ariane 11:16 PM  

why would one frak about a hijab? yes frak. newest and best word. be excited for easter awesome times. and so forth. hand lotion is essential to moisture. I miss bus pass. I named it after I lostit. it's name is Clara. I miss Clara.

Valeria 5:53 PM  

Because people think I'll convert because of the dude. But I won't. As long as I believe Jesus = God how could I? It doesn't make sense.

Annie 7:31 PM  

i also miss clara. we were becoming pretty good friends there near the end.

Annie 7:37 PM  

i don't think i would have FRAKED. but i'm still glad that you called me ahead of time to prepare me.

Valeria 10:30 PM  

Hahaha yes I thought that would be the best option. You definately gave me a weird look when you saw me but it might have been one of the usual weird looks you sometimes have that concern me and you insist everything is cool. And I still can't figure out this butthead system...everytime to sign on I have to pretend I don't remember by password, have Google email me and then create a new password. Every time. Its ridiculous.

Annie 12:04 PM  

oh man... you're joing the ranks of people who believe i give weird looks?!

Anonymous 10:06 PM  

Oh my goodness that is the best list ever. I love the idea of just writting down what make us happy. It's something to look back on when we are sad.


Tennille 2:40 AM  

I can't believe you still have that holly hobbie pillow case! I remember that!! (That's definately a testament to how old it is...but still endearing.) :o)

Annie 10:43 AM  

you remember the pillowcase?! wow. well, at least i don't have the whole hollie hobbie blanket set anymore... THAT would be embarrassing.