Saturday, April 07, 2007


i'm kind of in a grumpy mood at the moment. i have a hard time with holidays. living in ontario, with the only nearby blood-relatives being my mother and my brother, holidays are always a bit lonely. everyone else i am blood-related to lives in BC. my dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, everybody. here in ontario every time a holiday comes up i hope that it will be everything i've always hoped for in a holiday, time spent with the people i love, all of that good holiday stuff, bla bla bla. but with step-family it is a lot trickier than that. my step-sisters are the closest thing i have to family out here, and i consider them true family... but they are usually with their mom for the majority of every holiday. my mom and step-dad live in woodstock which is 40 minutes away and i don't have a car so it's kind of difficult to get out there to see them, in combination with my erratic work schedule.

i'm one of those people who have always idealized holidays and have always wanted the perfect glowing hallmark card holiday, and every holiday i am sad and disappointed.

thank you for enduring my sad-rant.

other than my generally low mood today not too much has been happening around here. val is at work. ian just finished watching a walk to remember. (ha ha.) i'm currently baking some chicken and potatoes in the oven. should be good. later i will watch Lost. i was supposed to go to freshwind (conference) tonight to see people i know from the toronto area but i decided i didn't feel like going.

yup.... so... that's all for now...



ariane 6:43 PM  

I love you and wish we could have fun holidays together. it sucks that real family is in BC. I wish it would be not awkward at all if you came to my moms or even omas (without us or with us) but truthfully that may never happen. But we shall have an easter lunch tomorrow, and come on, isn't that good too? a little?

Claire 6:45 PM  

Damnit--today is the 8th and now I"M all alone. Too bad we can't hang out tonight....I would watch LOST with you in a heartbeat.
And I like your happy list. Persnaps I'll make one too.