Sunday, April 08, 2007

What does a windbreaker do? It breaks wind.

I've decided that I need to be more grammatically correct, and that I need to use capitals and punctuation appropriately. I am going to try my hardest.

Tonight The Fam and I bundled up and headed to St. Catharine's to celebrate Easter with Art's extended family. "The Fam" is Mom, Art, Ian and I. Val, Ariane and Danielle were at their mom's for dinner so they had to miss out on the Mennonite-ish-Easter-dinner-y goodness that is so characteristic of the family that is KLASSEN. Dinner was good, although I didn't have many food choices that were wheat or dairy-free ... I did enjoy some turkey, potatoes, pickles, corn and cabbage rolls. I don't actually know if the cabbage rolls were wheat-free but I decided to just screw it all and take the chance. Being raised in a British-ish home deprived me of cabbage rolls as a child and now that I have discovered them after all these years there is no way I am going to give them up. The painful part for me came when dessert was set out on the table. Blueberry cheesecake, chocolate cream pie, different kinds of cookies and this bread stuff with icing on it (Mennonite?). I've been reallllly wanting chocolate lately, especially with Easter chocolate everywhere. How am I going to live tomorrow knowing that all the Easter chocolate in stores everywhere will be on sale? That was always the best part. I'll have to walk to Goodness Me for some dairy-free chocolate.

I've been working on some jokes. Trust me, they're hilarious. And oh-so-witty.

Q - What did the lawyer get when he went shopping at Moore's?
A - A lawsuit.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I should probably start my own show or something. I could definitely be a comedian. Comedienne? Is that the female version of "comedian"? I have no idea.

After re-reading my last post, I have decided that I want to take a more positive approach to crappy situations. I want to be a happy person, and happy people tend to make the most of every situation, good and bad. I understand that this doesn't mean I won't have bad days here and there, or bad times in general, but I think that I want to make a real effort to ENJOY every part of my life. To appreciate everything, good and bad. I think it will help to build character in me and to help make me happy. I am sick of being sad.

Anyway.... on a happy note, I am actually fairly excited about my life right now. I really want to move to the Guelph area, or even the K/W area. I am really a small-ish town girl at heart and I have never clicked with Hamilton. I would really like to get out. So my long-term goal will be to save up enough money to go to school in Guelph and to live out somewhere in that general region. I hope I can pull it off.

Well, I work early tomorrow morning and there is still a bunch of stuff I want to get accomplished tonight before I head to bed.... good night all!


hyacinths for tea 10:09 AM  

move to guelph, for real this time? doit! your post's are funny.

(hey, do watch the office? i feel as though you must..but right now you remind me of all the good ways, of course..maybe it's just cuz you are a receptionist)

hey, thanks for the comment.

Sonya 11:22 AM  

Your Easter festivities sounded delicious! Especially the cabbage rolls. Mmmmm...

Annie 4:50 PM  

haha... i saw the BBC version of the office in it's entirety, and i've seen a few episodes of the NBC version but i don't know it very well. i don't really know what pam is like but i guess i'll take it as a compliment?