Monday, April 09, 2007


So, it turns out that my trial of wheat-free and dairy-free eating was for good reason. I got some lab results back today from the doctor and I officially have Celiac disease. It kind of all makes sense now. The lab gave me a list of foods that I have to stop eating... and I have to stop eating a TON of stuff, not just wheat or dairy. Kind of random, though - I can't have cow's milk or sheep's milk, but I can have goat's milk. Huh? But anyway, this is all kind of scary. Big changes. My doctor said I should do a biopsy to make sure that I really do have Celiac, but I said I would take his word for it. No biopsy needed. Apparently Celiac blood tests are not always completely reliable. But all the same, I said I would take his word for it. I would rather be accidently gluten-free, and healthier, than continue with my extremely unhealthy glutenous ways. I don't really know anyone who has this condition so I'm a bit worried about the transition from "normalcy" to "gluten-free". Anyone out there a closet Celiac? Or... just a Celiac? (No closet required.) Any advice/encouragement would be appreciated!

Other than that sad-ish news... not too much is new in this neck of the woods. I'm excited to move the heck out of this apartment and into the new one, which will be equipped with a beautiful GIANT refrigerator. And lots of cupboards for pots and pans and other things. Right now we are sort of stacking the pots and pans precariously on a shelf, in no particular order. I like order. So new kitchen = A happy Annie.

Another thing about the new apartment that makes me happy is that it is called "Pannonia Towers". For some reason this name just cracks me up. Oh, Pannonia Towers. What fun times we shall have.

Earlier today Danielle, Val and I went and got ourselves BJ's. And by that I mean Booster Juices. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! Anyway, we got ourselves BOOSTER JUICES, and they were delicious. I just wanted to talk about that for a second.

I guess I don't have too much else to talk about. Wish me luck with the new gluten-free lifestyle. I feel good about it now but I get the feeling that it might get old realllllll fast.


ariane 10:35 PM  

woah man. thats huge. Well KAtie says she wants to help you, because most peopel don't realise the huge differences you have to make. woah.

Annie 10:49 PM  

help from katie would be fan-TAS-tic. i should come to london and chill with ya'll. i'm kind of scared to hear what she has to say though. eeeeee.

Anonymous 12:04 AM  

I could always consult with my medical dictionaries, and by medical dictionaries, I mean my parents. Just to see what the ex-medical community workers can tell ya'.

ariane 11:13 AM  

YOU should come to london and chill with us all! Well, she can have milk I think... so it's weiord why you can't, but anyhow, we will arrange something. You get smartfood. lots of smartfood. And uncoated fries.

Mandie 11:53 AM  

Hi. It's weird that you came across my blog a little while ago...I'm celiac. No joke. I can't really have dairy either. I've been doing this since I was five, so I'm an old pro. It's rough at first, but it gets better, I promise. Email me if you want to know anything. For real...I'll let you in on all the Celiac secrets :op

Annie 5:09 PM  

yay for people with advice!

sharon - what kind of jobs did your parents have? if they have any special knowlege/advice i would be happy to hear it.

Anonymous 7:23 PM  

Mum was a nurse and dad a paramedic. But you know how it goes when they know what drugs to take for what issue, and how stuff should be looked after. I'll mention it, see if I can dredge up anything. :)

ariane 2:40 PM  

you should get a biopsy says katie... it's the only way to know fo sho... blood tests don't mean toooo much.

Annie 4:52 PM  

hmmm... maybe i should. and i might. but from other celiacs that i've talked to, it isn't totally necessary - the dietary changes tend to speak for itself! i'm assuming she had one?