Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Today Valley and I went shopping in downtown Hamilton. Since she is finished classes for the year and it was my day off, we decided to do something fun since staying home all day tends to get boring after awhile.

We walked down James St. so we could look in cool boutiques. The only one we went into was a pet store, and it was nice. And expensive. Niiiice and expensive. A cute Asian lady worked there and tried to get us to buy $15 cat food. No, thanks. She gave us a free sample for George Michael which was cool... buuuuut I don't think we'll be paying that much for food for a freaking CAT.

We headed down to Jackson Square, which is the sketchiest of all sketchy malls in the world. Actually, Hamilton as a whole is just downright sketchy, but Jackson Square is sort of the epitome of Hamilton sketchiness. Every single time I go in there, new and strange stores have popped up all over the place, and old ones have disappeared. It was good, though. I bought some gluten-free vitamins (Val called them "vitt-a-mins"), 4 shirts, a necklace, earrings and lots of incense. A decidedly productive excursion. Tiring, though. And hot. We were sweating in the stores. It's not fun to try on clothes when you're too hot.

Later Mary Anne and Jordan came over and we all watched America's Next Top Model. Yes, Jordan and Ian both watched it. And loved it.

Uuuuummm... what else do I talk about? My mom called me tonight, it was so sweet. She did a ton of research on celiac and had a lot of info for me about different kinds of flour and recipes and stuff. She even went to the health food store in Woodstock and asked the staff questions. Oh, and she went to the library and looked at books on celiac. Awww, mom. So cutely helpful.
I'm sort of taking up Val's time on her computer so I should go now.

Bye all!


Mary Anne Roy 10:12 PM  

i must be reading this moments after you posted...cause i just came from your house! hilarious!
i liked your story about your adventure! hehe

Anonymous 1:00 PM  


So I imagine you already have about a world's worth of info on Celiac, but I get daily digestive info and general health info delivered to my email, and today! *drumroll* it was about cutting gluten out of your diet. So here's the link:

Anonymous 1:00 PM  

Also, apologies if the link is shiot and doesn't work.

Annie 8:20 AM  

Thanks Sharon! (It worked by the way)