Friday, March 23, 2007


i have a confession to make. i may or may not have trouble sleeping at night (well, usually around 3 - 5 A.M.), so during this sleepless phase of the night i lie in bed, trying to think of things to blog about.

kind of pathetic, yes! but in self-defense i have to say that i probably think about EVERYTHING THERE IS TO THINK ABOUT during this particular sleepless phase of the night, because i cannot shut my brain off.

so searching for blog topics is really just only one thought in a whole sea of thoughts coursing through my brain at night.

that sounded a little gross.

some of my recent middle-of-the-night thought topics:

celiac disease
dairy allergies
formal office clothing
bus rides on greyhounds
sufjan stevens' music
dietary fibre
teen pregnancy


so, my cat (george michael) is a bit of a spaz lately. what am i going to do about it? i can't really do anything because he is an "indoor cat". when "indoor cats" have too much energy they cannot be banished to the big outdoors to get rid their energy. unfortunately for me and everyone else in this apartment, we bear the brunt of george michael's wildness, winding up with numerous red, itchy and sometimes bleeding scratches all over our bodies. he likes to climb up our legs, he likes to swipe at our faces and he likes to make running attacks from across rooms. it is a bit scary. he sometimes even makes kitten-y growling sounds as he charges about the house. the cry "F%&K YOU, GEORGE MICHAEL" has been known to resound through the walls of our apartment, sometimes more than once a day, from the mouths of everyone who lives here. some people who used to come over quite often now refrain from staying for even 10 minutes.

that last thing i said was sort of a lie/exaggeration, but i am trying to make a point here. the point is - george michael is dangerous and terrifying even if he looks pretty cute at times.

unfortunately i didn't actually spend any insomnia time last night thinking of things to blog about so this is all i've got for today.



The Ken 7:10 PM  

I actually laughed out loud at the notion of people shouting "F--- you, George Michael" through the house. I had several close encounters with a friend's kitten towards the end of last year. I am allergic to cats and every scratch swelled up and was really itchy. I still have some marks some 3 (maybe 4) months later. That's a bit disturbing.

Anonymous 2:48 AM