Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I think I am getting old.

Yesterday I realized that... gasp... I need reading glasses! Yes, those halfway-down-your-nose librarian-type professor READING GLASSES. So today I walked to Shopper's Drug Mart and bought a pair. They are kind of cute. But they make me feel old. Scroll down to see many, many pictures of me wearing the glasses.

Yesterday when I was walking to work, I thought it was raining. I really, really thought it was. So, I held an umbrella over my head the whole way there, only to realize just before I got to work that it wasn't raining. Doesn't that sound like something an old person would do? Wow, I felt like an idiot.

AND, I've gotten into the terrible, terrible habit of forgetting about stuff in the oven. It never fails. Every time I go to cook a baked potato, which should only take an hour in the oven, I leave the kitchen and promptly forget that I am baking a potato and that I have to take the potato out eventually. Today I had a sweet potato in the oven for about 2 and a half hours. I had a nap right after putting it in the oven and then awoke to the sweet over-baked smell of sweet potato.

Yes, I think I am getting old.

I accidently just opened the door against my cat. He was meowing to leave the room and I couldn't see him (the desk is in the way). The desk is right beside the door, so I leaned across the desk, opened the door, and felt a SMACK as I opened the door hard against George Michael. He went speeding away in fear as soon as the door was open enough for him to get out. Ha ha haaa.

I just started a distance education course called "Earth and Space Science" so I can add a credit to my high school transcript. It is oh-so-fascinating, reading about the sun and the solar system and all the planets. Yes, including Uranus. I feel like I am 15 again! At least this way I can't feel too old.

Well, I should probably go finish the questions on Meteoroids... but before I go, here I am, modeling my new reading glasses and looking quite intellectual. And mostly like an idiot. Annnnd self-indulgent. Yes, I took the pictures of myself.


Annie 9:35 PM  

I'm not sure why, maybe it is just Dan's computer, but the photos of me and my glasses aren't loading very consistently. I clicked 'refresh' and different ones kept loading, with some displaying red exes. So if it doesn't work on YOUR computer, try clicking 'refresh'...
okay... thanks!

Anonymous 12:28 AM  

I think you have a thing for AE polo-style shirts. :)

ariane 12:02 PM  

you are neurotic.

Annie 4:10 PM  

Note- it WAS Dan's computer acting up. Silly Dan's computer.

Re: The AE polo shirts: They are imitation AE, I bought them at Stitches, or Sirens, or whatever the store is called. Annnd, they were 2 for the price of one... at $10.00 each. So, yes, I suppose I do have a thing for those shirts.

Re: Me being neurotic: I love you, Ariane.

Ash 12:14 AM  

Hey Annie,

I love your blog. Your photos are as cool as you :) Thanks for adding me on your links, I've added you on my blog too :)

Love Ash :)

dearbethany 12:13 PM  


you are supposed to read that like a vancouver accent.

i am in love with your blog.

hey, if i email you my password and shtuff, will you pimp out my blog...i simply forget how to do it! i just want the links and stuff on.

your glasses are hot. i want reading glasses. and i am pissed at that pastor guy...jerk