Sunday, April 22, 2007

I want to live in California.....

Well, this weekend the weather was just BRILLIANT... wasn't it, all you blog readers from southern Ontario? Such an amazing change from the chilly, crappy weather we've been getting for ages and ages. This morning after church I walked out the door and all of a sudden felt like I was on vacation in some tropical place... I am just not used to this beautifully warm weather. I keep thinking it's all a dream.

Yesterday Mary Anne and Jordan and I headed up to the Newmarket area to support Jo at her 'Thailand or Bust' BBQ. The weather was amazing and the BBQ was fun (I met a Celiac girl!!!) and Jo raised the amount of money she needed to go to Thailand for 2 and a half months to teach English and do other stuff.

Here is a pic of some of us BBQ-ing-it-up...

On Friday night Ian, Claire, Valerie and I went to the park way after dark and took a bunch of pictures of ourselves being crazy and playing in the playground. Fun times. As our collective hyper-ness grew, the photos got more and more strange (Fake 'engagement' photos featuring Claire and Val....?). Later on Val left and Ian, Claire and I picked up some of Claire's photography equipment and came back to the park after midnight for a PHOTO SHOOT. It was awesomely avant-garde. I got to be the model. I wore a full-length slip, carried an umbrella, and posed in the dark forest looking scared. So avant-garde! (I love to use that term, if you haven't noticed yet.)

Avant-garde, avant-garde, AVANT GARDE, avant-garde.

I don't know if you're okay with me posting anything yet, Claire, but I'm going to post one..... yell at me if you want me to get rid of it...


Sonya 10:05 AM  

Ok, you are having way too much fun. I wanna' come over and hang out with you! :)

Ash 12:21 AM  

So avant-garde :)