Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Proof that Ian will never be America's Next Top Model.

No, it's not because he is, in fact, Canadian. Or that he is a guy. A straight guy.

It's because he sucks at keeping a straight face in photos. He really just can't do it.

The story is, last night I caught him reading a Stephen King novel on the couch. A camera was sitting right next to him on the table so I took advantage of the moment to take some pictures. I wanted some staged shots of him looking terrified while holding the Stephen King book in front of his face, but he literally couldn't do it without laughing again and again. And again. And AGAIN.

Below you will see many pictures of Ian cracking up rather than looking scared. He just couldn't hold a terrified face long enough for a photo. Not even for a split second. I would hold the shutter down, his terrified face ready, and then right before the picture took he would laugh. It was hi-LAR-ious.

(And by the way, none of these pictures are repeated) ---


................ Finally!!!!!!

He did it in the end... but that probably wouldn't be good enough for Tyra. Ian... say goodbye to a Seventeen magazine photo shoot and a contract with Ford Models.


Sonya 10:38 AM  

Too funny! I love how he shuts his eyes when he's laughing.