Friday, April 13, 2007

The most AMAZING sale.

Okay, there is something that I simply MUST blog about. It has been sitting in my brain for a little while now and I cannot hold back any longer. It is about the HAMILTON TENT SALE.

This is the craziest, most hilarious thing I have ever seen in the history of the region of Hamilton-Wentworth.

In Hamilton's downtown area there is a park called Victoria Park. It is right beside Hamilton Christian Fellowship, my church. One of our city's busiest streets, King St., runs right beside the park. Every single summer there is a large tent sale in Victoria Park, and starting around now a large billboard right beside King St. starts to advertise this sale. The billboard has big neon removeable block letters.

The advertisement starts off in a fairly tame manner:

"Big Tent Sale, Coming Soon"

After a couple weeks they change the sign and it becomes:

"Tent Sale Coming Soon, Watch for Erection"

A few weeks later:

"Big Tent Erection Coming Soon"

Finally, unbelievably, it finishes right before/during the actual sale with:



Like, are they even ALLOWED to do that?!
I'm surprised there haven't been more car accidents on King St. beside Victoria Park.
Oh well, it makes for some good laughs... and awkward moments when you're in your car with your parents and you just happen to drive past Victoria Park.

I should go.


Anonymous 1:09 PM  

Haha, I love it. Makes you wonder if they ACTUALLY mean to put signs up like that, or if it's some sweet older person who just

Question, is it actually like a tent sale for tents? or is it a huge sale for everything under the sun that is held under giant tents? B/C apparently I want to know?

Annie 1:26 PM  

Wow... I don't even know the answer to that! I have never bothered to attend the sale. I would almost be embarrassed to. But thrilled at the same time. I think it would actually be fun if it was just a bunch of random stuff for sale. I should find out about that.

Mandie 5:42 PM  

This is ridiculously funny. Go ahead with the link-posting :o)
Also, The Southwest Steak Bowl at Taco Bell is gf. I found this out today, and it was exciting.

Annie 11:39 PM  

Oh man. Am I glad to hear that or WHAT. I love the Taco Bell! Oops, I should say "Yo Quiero Taco Bell"...