Sunday, May 27, 2007


I am pretty happy right now.... George Michael has returned.

Ian took him to Woodstock when he was staying with the 'rents, recovering from knee surgery. It has been 3 weeks... 3 long weeks, without my cute, squishy little George Michael. The only bad thing is that I now have to take allergy pills every day. Well, and it's annoying that he meows constantly. But I'm still happy.

My old roommates bought a new kitten this past week... they named him Steve Holt. You might find this funny if you know Arrested Development... if you don't, you will probably be confused. Anyway, he is SO TINY... it's really incredible how tiny he is. I was afraid to pick him up because of his tininess. Yep... sooooooooo tiny.

In other news, I finally got over the flu. I got sick AGAIN on Thursday, really sick, vomiting constantly. It faded away gradually on Friday which was a relief because I got to go to Luke's show in Kitchener with the Roy duo, as planned.

Luke's show is another story entirely. Emo kids.... are so.... cool. I'm telling you... I'm glad I paid for a ticket simply because of how entertaining the emo kids were. Drunk 15-year-olds, dark angular haircuts, severely tapered jeans... dark eyeliner.... crying and hugging. Relationship drama. Making out in the mosh pit. The whole time. One particularly inebriated girl collapsed on the floor in her drunken state, exclaiming "I wish my hair was bigger" ... Hilarious!

Another amazing thing in itself is that the headlining band playing that night was called Baptized in Blood. HAHA! I felt soooo hardcore just being there. It was wicked.

I have to go to work tomorrow, where I will be alone all day - I usually like such days, but tomorrow I will have a lot to catch up on, and I don't particularly feel like being alone all day, answering the phone every time it rings. I will live though. And maybe I'll buy a caramel coretto from 2nd Cup to make the day more enjoyable....



Claire 5:31 AM  

Oh yes--I too often collapse to the ground crying about the smallness of my hair. I can so relate. And of course I LOVE really tapered pants. They make my thighs look so hot.
But secretly, I wish I was emo and I think emo boys are generally gude-lookin.

Annie 5:01 PM  

Haha....... tapered pants. Do they look good on ANYBODY? well, maybe some .... lucky.... people, maybe giraffe-like supermodels, and who would want to look like that, anyway?
I hear you on the emo boys thing. Except for the gay ones.

Mandie 5:05 PM  

the emo kids at Luke's shows are always entertaining. Some of them look as though the lawnmower got away and ran over their head.

I've also noticed that emo boys generally have no butt. It just goes from back to legs in one swoop. Fascinating.

Annie 5:06 PM  

Yeah, how come emo boys are always so skinny?

luke 4:29 PM  

haha emo boys are skinny because they have to be able to fit into girls jeans!!