Monday, May 28, 2007


Today was a good day ... got a lot accomplished at work, and it was nice to be alone for once. One can really work a lot more efficiently alone sometimes. But the real good part came when on my break I went to Jackson Square and bought some stuff from my new FAVOURITE STORE................ SIRENS!!

Yes... I know what you're thinking..... The clothes are cheap quality... whorish girls shop there... there are too many trends taken to a cheesy level. And you are right, except for the fact that if you really look, there is a TON of pretty cute stuff for so, so cheap, like usually less than $20. Cheap is GOOD. At least in my books. If I had books. Anyway, I was quite pleased with my purchases.

Just now I tried a self-portrait photo shoot with Val's camera using the automatic timer. I had a most frustrating time.

Shot #1 - I'm not frustrated with the camera YET. Note the new shirt and new capri/shorts thingies.

Okay, when I took this, it was probably my 8th try and I couldn't get the camera to sit evenly on any surface for the automatic timer. I definitely couldn't get the camera to capture a good image of my new clothes. Note the big fake over-smile and the gleam of frustration in my eyes.

The camera still kept falling over and being frustrating. I gave up and posed with George Michael. And I had to crop a LOT of ceiling out.


For this one the camera was balancing precariously. It really is easier to take pictures with someone else holding the camera. And there are probably less accidental butt-shots.

Anyway, note the new white top.

This time I almost fell over. Plus, it was really hot in my room. Note the big fake smile is starting to wane a little bit.

At this point I had given up BIG TIME. Stupid cameras and their stupid automatic timers and my stupid lack of a tripod.

But, at least I got some cute clothes.

Well, off to work again tomorrow. I wish my life was more interesting. I should make it more interesting. I should do something really crazy.

Claire, I miss you. We could do crazy stuff together. Like take strange pictures outside in the middle of the night. Or ... I don't know.... uhhhh... buy weird furniture from Bibles For Missions. Or get high off of Gravol. Haaaaha...ha....ha....ha.

I should stop typing before I get really weird.... I think I'm tired....


Anonymous 11:38 PM  

I so went shopping after work tonight to make myself feel a little better about the disappearing bag. I got a really cute, babydoll style top that I will wear with my black bermudas and red peep toe, sling back heels. I will promptly post photos after I wear said outfit at my partay on Saturday.

Claire 6:52 AM  

Aw Annie I miss you too. When I come back we should take a road trip!!!! Wanna!?! That's totally ca-ra-zeeeee.
I'm already into my third week here, eh? Time flies when you're borderline-manic!

Annie 5:28 PM  

Road trip! YES!
Wow, only..... what? A million months until you come back? 3 weeks.... psh. Nothing.
Actually, that is a while.

Sonya 6:01 PM  

I enjoyed your little fashion shoot. Nice new clothes, too! :)

Claire 9:29 AM  

3 weeks! I'm not coming back in three weeks! HA! I WISH!
No WAY man...try...7. Yeah I think 7.
But that's still not long. The end of July. Frig mang, before you know it I'll be home and we'll be planning a roooooad triiiiiiiip. Or just hanging out watching movies on your crazy TV. W'ev.

Claire 6:53 AM what's new? How about some more posts?

Annie 5:07 PM  

Claire, I have posted a million times since this one, I don't know if you're just casually asking me how I am or if you can't read the other posts. I hope it is the former.

PS - I breathlessly await our road trip.