Thursday, May 31, 2007

Luke's Show.

As I mentioned before, last weekend Mary Anne, Jordan and I headed to Kitchener to check out Luke's band, A Moments Embrace, in all their emo-metal glory. We brought our earplugs. It ended up being awesome! I saw Luke's band once before when they played in Hamilton, but barely anyone came and it was in the basement of the YMCA. Which could be why so few people came. Anyway, this show was a lot better. A lot of the people who like the band are from the Kitchener area. The headlining band was called BAPTIZED IN BLOOD. How wicked-awesome HARDCORE is that?!? Anyway, I brought it up again because I now have PICTURES. Here are a couple.

Mary Anne and I being SO HARDCORE. I'm telling you. We fit right in that night.

To understand the dynamics of this picture it would help you to know what the conversation was before it was taken. It went a little something like this:

ANNIE (To Luke): "Are you wearing your earplugs?"

LUKE: "What?"

ANNIE (A little louder): "I said, are you wearing earplugs?"

LUKE (Louder): "... What?"


LUKE: "..............................WHAT?"


LUKE: "...................... WHAT??????????????"

ANNE: "Never mind!"

LUKE: "............WHAT....?!"

ANNIE: "....NEVER....... MIND!!!!"

Haha.... loud music. Makes for difficulty communicating.

Anyway, it was a rad night. Just rad.

I would post more pics but it's late and I'm tired. Check 'em out on Facebook!


Dorothea 8:55 AM  

Oh I wish I was there too!!! I want to see them again. The YMCA concert was so good. But yeah it's more fun when there are more people in the audience, not mostly the other bands.
Location! Location! Location!

I gotta remember to bring earplugs as well for next time. I sure have enough from work.

cate 9:49 AM  

you have curly hair again!!! I love it!

Rodrigo 10:02 AM  

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Mandie 4:38 PM  

wow, you have a Spanish spammer...that's new!

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that there were no pictures of emo kids (besides you hardcore peeps, of course.) Next time, you should do an across the room zoom in on all those tiny bums and crazy hair. :o)

Annie 5:10 PM  

Thanks Cate! It's easier when it's so humid out.... ughhh. I just walked like 4 blocks and I am covered in sweat. Disgusting.

Amanda, I totally have no idea why I didn't take any pictures of the emo kids. We spent enough time laughing at them and mocking them from afar. One guy kept doing this emo dance where he was swinging his arms around like a wind-mill. I couldn't tear my eyes away...

Oh, and Rodrigo, If I knew any Spanish swear words I would say them right now. To you. AT you. How do you say eff-off in Espanol?

Dorothea 7:33 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dorothea 7:34 AM  

Haha, Rebecca said that the wind-mill moves are very popular at Luke's concerts. It gets a bit painful if you get too close to them.

Annie 3:40 PM  

Whoa, I am so curious about this deleted comment. Who are you? What did you say?