Sunday, June 03, 2007

We got Barrie'd.

Yes, that's right.... Barrie'd. I headed up to Barrie with Ian and the Roy duo to hang out with the wonderful BETHANY yesterday. The plan was to have a BBQ and stay overnight. I've never really hung out in Barrie before other than driving through it on the way to other places so it was kind of cool to stay and do fun stuff. It was HOT, HOT, HOT this weekend so it was the perfect time to do be summery and relaxed.

Bethany is boarding with a family who lives in a pretty big house. When we got there the rest of the family was heading out to do stuff so we got the place to ourselves for our BBQ. Bethany was a sweetheart and had chicken for me to cook gluten-free. Oh, and she bought me.... rice flour. I believe the plan was to bake some gluten-free cookies for me but she couldn't find a recipe that called for only rice flour. It was quite a sweet gesture, and now I have some extra rice flour in my cupboard! Yussssssss...

Then D-the-giant-P (Mr. Daniel Slade) showed up, and Bethany's friend Beck too, and we had a great time BBQ-ing. There was a delicious berry tray. Mary Anne took a picture of it. (Pictures of the weekend to be posted soon...)

We went for a walk by the water, apparently Barrie is on a giant lake (who knew?? I feel incredibly stupid for not knowing this) ... we saw a frighteningly dressed young mother with practically no lower half to her bathing suit. It was ........... gross. Oh, and I realized that basically every child owns a pair of crocs. I must not see children very often. I was discovering things about them left, right and centre. Children are cool. I used to dislike them, maybe because I was intimidated by them, but now I think I enjoy them.

Later that night we went to a DRIVE-IN THEATRE (edit) and saw Shrek the 3rd and Blades of Glory.... 2 pretty decent movies. It was my first ever visit to a DRIVE-IN (edit) THEATRE. The whole time during the movies a sweet lightning storm was going on in the sky behind the screen.... amazing. Just about more entertaining than the actual movies. And, okay, I FREAKING LOVE DRIVE-IN (edit) THEATRES. It was the best time. We got a spot right at the front. Between the 7 of us we had 3 cars so we had tons of space for our blankets and lawn chairs. Yup, the best experience EVER. I have decided that going to a DRIVE-IN THEATRE (edit) would probably be the greatest idea for a date in the universe. Think about it. You can talk during the movie if you want because you're not crammed into a seat next to strangers 2 feet away from your face... you have privacy and space so you can be super relaxed and do whatever you want and WOW, it sounds like I am totally going somewhere NC-17 with this but I'm not... I'm telling you, I can NOT wait to go on a date to a DRIVE-IN THEATRE (edit). Seriously.

Anyway, we came back to Bethany's after the movies. Dan and Beck both had to leave. We watched some Arrested Development (naturally) and then headed to bed.

We drove back to the Hammer today, taking turns picking songs on the iPod the whole way. Love it. With the windows rolled down and the warm breeze going I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

The gas light went on in Mississauga and Jordan decided to try and get back to Hamilton without stopping. Heh heh..... the last 15 minutes might have been a bit stressful for some of us. But we made it.

Well, I hope this weekend is a sign for how the summer will go... last summer I didn't do much fun stuff. I guess I was working a lot. This summer will hopefully be different.



Claire 1:47 AM  

Aw...I'm intimidated by children too! We're so alike. I love it. And your weekend sounds lovely. I won't tell you the details about my weekend and how I bruised my tailbone slipping on blood, amniotic fluid and meconium. It. Was. Disgusting. I'm going to venture out and say it was grosser than that chick with the barely-there bikini. Although that is also gross.xoxo

Sonya 9:37 AM  

Sounds like fun! Especially the outdoor theatre. Did you never go to the one in Kamloops? We went a few times and I can assure's a great place for a date. ;) Too bad it shut down a few years ago.

Mary Anne 4:17 PM's outdoor theatres are also called ...DRIVE INS!!! haha..

Annie 5:05 PM  

Haha... Mary Anne. It's funny you said that because the whole time I was writing the post I was like, I KNOW outdoor theatres have an actual name ... but I couldn't think of what it was. HAHA.

Mandie 5:49 PM  

Three quarters of the kids in the kindergarten class I volunteer in have crocs. They're more popular than light-up shoes were when I was in kindergarten.