Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm warning you, blogger...

You know what's annoying? When you click the "remember me" option every frigging time you sign in to blogger, and it NEVER REMEMBERS YOU. I have to type in my extremely long e-mail address every time. Yes, I realize that it is my fault that I chose such a long e-mail address. But why does this site claim to be able to "remember me", when it doesn't? Blogger jerks.

I was extremely sick this weekend. It was awful. On Friday I woke up with pain in my stomach. Thinking it was nothing, possibly an accidental glutening, I walked to the mall to buy some stuff. After I bought stuff at the mall, I started to feel quite ill. I thought it was just low blood sugar, which I get all the time, so I bought a greek salad with chicken. After standing in line and feeling the increasing urge to double over in pain and illness, by the time I got my salad I decided to just jet home and forget about taking the time to eat first. A loooonngg 15 minutes later, I stumbled through my apartment door in time to curl up in the fetal position in front of the TV, stuffing lettuce down my throat in the hope that my excruciating stomach pain and nausea were just from low blood sugar. Another LONG 15 minutes later, I was ..... well, having a conversation with a great white telephone. To be polite. Anyway, then I ate some gravol and headed to bed, only to wake up again later and have a similar conversation with my great telephone friend. Lovely. I know.

ANYWAY, all this to say, the next day I felt pretty good... still a bit ill, but nothing serious... but then the day AFTER, I was hanging out with the Roy duo and got violently ill again, seemingly out of nowhere. It was terr-i-ble. Luckily, hopefully, I am fine now... though still feeling a slight abdominal twang here and there... hahaha... twang. Why did I choose that word? Anyway, I am more or less 100% okay now.

I am happy because I have tomorrow off. Ohhhh, happy!


Mandie 7:51 PM  

Blogger never remembers me either. Accidental glutening sucks. Bananas help. :o)