Monday, May 07, 2007

Notes on a Scandal

This weekend I watched, in my opinion, a really awful movie. I am going to blog about it so that you will be warned and so that you won't make the same mistake as me in seeing it.

It's called "Notes on a Scandal", and it starrs Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench. Without giving too much plot away in case this type of movie is your bag, I will give you a quick outline of the plot.

It is set in modern-day England somewhere... not exactly sure where. Both women are teachers. The older woman (Dench) is a lonely spinster (ugh, HATE that term) and a tough, assertive teacher. The younger woman (Blanchett) is a recently-hired art teacher at the same school who has a husband and 2 kids. Judi Dench writes in her journal all the time and it is her voice that narrates the movie.

Dench becomes obsessed with the Blanchett when Blanchett gets hired on at the school. They become friends. After Dench's obsession starts to grow she then catches Blanchett having an affair with a 15 year old boy who is a student at the school.

Dench then uses this knowlege to manipulate the younger teacher into having to rely on her in everything, which then feeds her obsession. Chaos ensues.

It is an interesting plot, no doubt, but so DARK. I'm not against a dark movie every now and then but this movie reaches the point of just being flat out disturbing. It shows so much darkness in the human soul and doesn't let up at all. Seeing people mentally unravel and reach utter desperation at an increasing volume is distressing. Also incredibly uncomfortable to watch... especially certain scenes involving the younger teacher and the 15 year old boy.... ugghhh. Explicit.

Anyway, I suppose the movie was thought-provoking, but I still regret seeing it.

Have any of you seen it?


Sonya 9:56 AM  

I saw a commercial for this movie and figured it would be as grim as you've reported. I hate it when I rent a dud of a movie! Thanks for the heads-up. :)

Annie 5:05 PM  

Ugh. The movie was so depressing even my POST bothers me. I need to post something new and fresh, I think...