Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Random Bits

Yesterday my wee little brother Ian (actually, he's 21, but I think the Scottish name makes me say "wee") had surgery. Nothing TOO serious, something with the tendons in his knee, and taking tendons from the back of his leg to replace damaged tendons around his knee. I was freaked out all day and honestly wondered if he would die. I even said my goodbyes to him the day before. Wow, I'm dark. Anyway, the surgery took all day and that surprised me. For some reason I thought it would be done within an hour or so. HA. Wrong. Anyway, he is currently recuperating in good ol' Woodstock with my parents, buzzed out on Oxycontin, Percocet, Morphine and Tylenol 3's.


Today internet/phone service was finally installed in my new apartment. Time really drags on when you have to wait a whole week to have your own PHONE installed. Actually... it was kind of nice, knowing the phone would never, ever ring. Very peaceful. But also distressing, if I needed to make a call. Hmmmmmm.....

Tomorrow I have to work in the office and run the front desk. Luckily there will be very few patients. I like having regular days with all the regular staff and all my regular duties... working a different kind of shift sort of stresses me out. But it always ends up being okay :)

Tomorrow night I will partake of watching America's Next Top Model. This show will never fail to amuse me. You should watch it. I know... it's stupid... but fun! I swear!!

Ohhhhh on Saturday Claire is leaving for a million different places, including Malawi and the Philippines for 3 months. I am sad. Claire, don't leave! I know that countless pregnant Philipino women will be counting on your midwifery skills, and the country of Malawi needs to be captured on film for certain charitable organizations, but who am I going to drink red wine and watch Lost with? And talk about boys with? I think I need you more than any country does :) Donnnn't goooooooooo.

Hmmm... what else should I blog about? I have become annoyed with my Facebook GROUP habits. I look at my profile and wish that my groups list didn't have to be so long and confusing. I tend to impulsively join groups if the title is even remotely intriguing... and then later on I leave these groups after I realize I never even look at them. So I am constantly leaving and joining groups. And then there are the groups I STARTED... I can't leave those, now, can I? After all, I am the one responsible for their existence. But I really want to leave them. Sigh.

Facebook causes so much inner turmoil, doesn't it? ... HAHA.

Oh, I am such a whiner.