Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Oh Sufjan. Sweet, sweet Sufjan.

If you want to listen to an amazing song, I have an excellent suggestion:

"Come on! Feel the Illinoise!", by Sufjan Stevens.

This song is incredible. It is one of those songs that if you hear it after hearing a lot of other Sufjan songs at once it will sort of blend right in and not really stand out... but after awhile you hear it again and it just POPS. This happened to me not too long ago. I was packing up my stuff on Bay St, getting ready to move, so I just plugged the iPod into my stereo and let it play. I was sitting on the floor taping up boxes and this song came on. The first half of the song didn't really grab my attention, but by the last half I was sitting on the floor in shock at the song's transition into ... well, for lack of a better word, AWESOMENESS.

The first half of the song is pretty upbeat and quirky, nothing wrong with it... geniously constructed, as tends to be fairly standard for Mr. Stevens... and then about halfway through it transitions and becomes almost like a totally different song, but with the same core elements as the first half. It weaves together in an amazing way and maintains the same continuity the whole time but carries a different 'emotion' the second half.

Now I have to listen to it on my headphones everywhere I go. I am addicted. I literally feel a rush when I hear it. I guess that is normal for good music but there is something special about a song that affects you in an extra deep way. It will be the death of the song, the way I continuously listen to it. But I can't help it! Earlier today I walked to work and listened to it, and the beauty of it made me feel so happy and sad at the same time... it was so good. Just so good.

Yes, this is a girly way of looking at it, I think, but HEY, I'm a girl! Ha! It works!

Anyway..................... yes. Go download it. Sufjan wouldn't mind.

PS: Shout out to JORDAN, I know you're reading this!!! As you are eating your breakfast and getting ready for work!! HAHAHAHA! Haaaaaaaaaaaa!