Sunday, May 13, 2007


I have had a pretty interesting/terrible/horrible week and for the past couple days I have been just trying to recover. Now all of a sudden my life is full of CHANGE again. I don't want to get into specifics right now but I know things will be changing dramatically in the next little while. Hopefully sooner than later. I'll be more specific in (hopefully) not too long.

But uggghhhh... I hate it when bad things happen. When people challenge your integrity and there is miscommunication, and because of the circumstance you can't defend yourself. It changes how you see yourself. I have been questioning who I am as a person because of one awful day this past week. It's a sure sign that something needs to change.


Anyway, I am heading to Woodstock this week to chill with the fam. Ian is bored recovering from his surgery so I'm gonna go hang out there for a bit. Maybe have a bonfire or two. Having a bonfire is a sure-fire way to cheer me up. Or, more specifically, roasting marshmallows. I wonder if there are gluten-free graham-wafer-ish crackers?

To combat the general shatty-ness of my week thus far I will post some goofy photos taken yesterday of me and Ariane being silly.

Yup.... that's a brochure on Human Papillomavirus.




Mandie 8:51 PM  

I have yet to find graham cracker-like cookies. It's sad, really. That is one thing that is lacking in my life. I've never had cheesecake because of this issue. HOWEVER...there are some President's Choice cheesecake bite things that are covered in chocolate and are very gluten free :o)

Anonymous 2:17 AM  

ANNIE! I love you with curly hair. Embrace the naturality (is that a word? haha) of it, it is BEAUTIFUL.

Read my last post? mayhaps that will make you feel a little better. My insanity is being questioned (yes, insanity, not sanity).

Quite honestly though hon, we are likely to experience the ultimate turmoil and breaches of integrity for the next couple years, as we're entering our mid-20-crisis years.

Sonya 9:48 AM  

Those pictures of the brochure cracked me up. I can't stand those commercials.

I hope you had fun with the fam!

Annie 4:26 PM  

Amanda - Mmmm... I think I have seen those cheesecake bites... in the freezer section, right? I will have to check them out.

Sharon - Thanks for liking my curly hair. I don't usually like it because I feel like an idiot and also like Orphan Annie, but I am trying to embrace it :)

Sonya - I can't stand those commercials either!! Although they sometimes make for funny pictures.

Claire 9:44 PM  

Holy F your hair looks f-ing amazing like that. Shit---I'm so jealous...and full of vulgarities.
Maybe it's just because I witnessed a gross birth and my stomach is still churning from it. I want you hair on me. HAHhahahaHA haha ew. I TOTALLY...ah...whatever. Hilarious.

Annie 9:47 PM  

Awww, wow, I had no idea that my hair was like-able in its curly form. I kind of feel disgusting when it is curly. Maybe I should suck it up and just be curly.
AHahhahaha..... Claire... ew. Birth. Even the word BIRTH is disgusting. I hope your stomach stops churning eventually. GRAVOL!