Sunday, June 10, 2007

Come on people, they're kinda cute!

(The crocs, not the girls...)


dearbethany 1:57 PM  

annie, NO! Don't do it. They are SO comfortable, it's true...I tried one on once...JUST ONE, and NOT in public.

Socks and sandles are are white socks...and ponchos...YOU DONT WEAR PONCHOS DO YOU?!?!

don't do it.

Annie 4:54 PM  

Ew, you think socks and sandles are better than CROCS?


Mandie 5:05 PM  

hmm...I have crocs. I do realize they are ugly, but oh my, they are comfy. For the first time ever my feet can stand wearing something that is "in", so I took advantage of it. They are definitely kindergarten/babysitter/waitress/beach shoes and I will only wear them at these places.

Annie 5:06 PM  

Good for you Amanda!! I am a big fan of you wearing crocs. It is official. I am going to buy a pair!

Claire 8:57 AM  

Oh no you d'int!

Sonya 10:49 AM  

I have been a staunch croc hater forever! And then my dear, sweet husband went and bought himself a pair and all he ever does is talk about how comfy they are. I think he has slowly brainwashed me because I am thisclose to buying a pair for myself. Oh the horror!!

Mary Anne 12:32 PM  

annie i say no!!! i totally agree with bethany's comment..just cause something is comfy doesn't mean you should wear it..long pajama shirts and pajam pants are also comfy but most people (over the age of 14) dont wear them out in public