Sunday, June 10, 2007


Awhile ago I joined this Facebook group entitled, "I don't care how comfortable crocs are, you look like a dumbass". I think I mostly joined this group because I thought the title sounded hilarious. Anyway, lately I think I have actually found myself WANTING TO BUY CROCS, more and more. I have no idea why.

I just woke up from having a dream about looking everywhere for the perfect pair of crocs. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am so torn about this! They look sort of crazy and ugly but also kind of CUTE, and they are apparently very comfortable.... in my dream I had to go a zillion different stores, trying them on, looking for the right size and colour, etc. I finally found a good pair but when I got home they turned into Birkenstocks! Ohhhh, weird. But the dream has left me kind of REALLY wanting crocs, even though I would be so embarrassed if I bought a pair.

I ought to leave the anti-crocs Facebook group. And yet I am still so torn!


Anonymous 9:06 PM  

Don't do it! fight them. Fight them with all your might. They are awful, terrible things, that get smelly - and you should never be able to put your shoes in the DISHWASHER. Yet you can put those in there ...

Annie 9:09 PM  

I just might do it and defy you all!! I had a short discussion with some family members this evening about crocs, and about how they are okay if you wear them when you are, like, CAMPING or something, or gardening... or just dressing super comfy.... they CAN look cute!!! Really. I wouldn't wear them anywear that I want to look really good or anything. And I most definitely wouldn't buy any that are cheesy, bright colours. But I am still torn - just the thought of all the people who would potentially be judging me..... hmmmmm. Such a conundrum...

Annie 9:10 PM  

PS - I am sort of an idiot for spelling "anywhere", "ANYWEAR". Sigh.

Anonymous 12:06 AM  

NOOOOO! defy the masses and keep your feet out of them!

Annie 12:07 AM  

Well, if I end up buying them, I will be sure to take LOTS OF PICTURES, post them on here, and annoy the pants off you!