Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ahh, memories of Costa Rica...

Today I found a bunch of old CDs of pictures from years ago.... I finally found my Costa Rica pictures from 2004, when I was there with the School of Ministry. I just posted an album on Facebook, it took me FOREVER, but it was worth it! I wish I could go back there right nowwwwww....

Atlanta airport, I think..... on the way to CR or on the way back, can't remember! It was 3 years ago! (Which is also why my hair looks narrrrrrrsty)

Rafting!! (That's me on the bottom left)

So, what else is new........ hmmmm.

Okay, so the 3rd Pirates movie was pretty good. I enjoyed it, some parts being much more entertaining than others.... I can't say which parts in case some of you readers haven't seen it yet. But I liked the movie, which sort of surprised me because I only kind of liked the first one and barely tolerated the second one. But it was fun chilling with Dorothea, and watching her trip and almost fall over MORE THAN ONCE, arms full of movie snack food, crowds of people looking on. Hee hee hee........!

So ... my Dad, brother and I are kind of weird. We have a strange sense of humor. Today I was thinking about the names we three have come up with over the years that could be good for naming girls:





There are many more where those came from....... hee hee hee


Dorothea 9:02 AM  

I actually had to wear the same shoes again on Sunday for an outfit, this time a skirt. I felt so unsure with them. But didn't trip anymore!! Yay!! I am never wearing those shoes with those pants ever again!!!
But hey it made for a memorable, well embarrassing at times, but memorable night, eh?

Annie 4:57 PM  

Well, the shoes were cute with the pants.... fashion is oh so painful!