Friday, June 08, 2007

Threequels and Random Nonsense.

Hey, wanna know what's annoying? When you want to embed a video from Youtube but blogger won't let you.


On the way home from work today I had the best time. The BEST time. It was dreadfully hot and humid, but extremely WINDY. This made it beautiful. I felt like I was back in Costa Rica or something; dazzlingly bright sunshine, strong warm wind... so different for Hamilton, so tropical. We normally get the ridiculous humidity but from what I've experienced we haven't had crazy tropical-esque wind until these past few months. Hey - maybe global warming is turning Canada into a tropical country!! Please God? Please? Pleassssse???

Tonight I'm going to see the third Pirates movie with Dorothea. I can't believe how many threequels are out in theatres right now and newly released on DVD. These are the ones I can think of so far:

Spiderman 3
Shrek the 3rd
Pirates of the Carribbean 3 (can't think of its actual title...)
Ocean's 13
The Bourne Ultimatum
Rush Hour 3
Saw 3

Actually I have no idea when Saw 3 came out. I have not seen it. I will never see it. I will never see ANY of the Saw movies. I just saw (ha ha) an ad for it on a poster in the convenience store across the street from my apartment.

While I'm having fun making lists, here are some funny things I've thought of recently that have made me laugh. Out loud. Usually while I'm walking somewhere in public.

1. The time that I was helping Ian type a cover letter for a job he is applying for. He was dictating out loud what he wanted me to type, but little did he know I was typing EVERYTHING coming out of his mouth. It went something like this:

"To Whom It May Concern:

I am interested in applying for a position. No. Wait. Put this ... Please see my resume to follow my cover letter for this position. Uhhhhmmmm... okay. Uhhhhhh... hmmmm. Okay. Okay, then put ..... ummmmm.... Okay. I don't know. Hey! HEY! Stop it! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha h HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stop it! Stop it! STOPIT!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH........... HAHAHA... hahahahHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA STOP IT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

2. The time Ariane and I went to Dairy Queen with RUTH (edit) - Ariane ordered a blizzard and accidently called it a Brownie BLADDER Blizzard. It is really the Brownie BATTER Blizzard. I laughed hysterically at her. I then ordered the same thing and also called it the Brownie BLADDER Blizzard by mistake. The girl taking our order did not find it funny and stared at us as we almost died of hysterical laughter.

3. The time Ariane and I went to Dairy Queen with Lauren, and Ariane had to run to the bathroom to throw up because she was laughing extremely hard at the fact that Lauren's dad didn't know what Dairy Queen was or how to find Main Street in order to FIND Dairy Queen.

4. The time the Roy duo and I went somewhere in Luke's car and when Mary Anne saw the car she said, "Oh, cool, I want an S.U.V. someday too!". Luke's car is a small 4-door Pontiac CAR.

5. The time 3 years ago in Gage park with Jordan, Mary Anne, Bethany and Daniel when a druggie hoodlum kid asked us if we had a "dime", and Mary Anne said "Sorry, I didn't bring my wallet!!"


Mary Anne 4:05 PM  

haha..the gage park memory is funny! that would never happen now after working with street youth for almost three years!
aaaaaand in my defense for luke's car comment. he does NOT have a small car!!!! haha

ariane 5:29 PM  

actually the brownie bladder was with ruth.. the throwup was lauren. Also blogger is lamer and won't let me sign in.

dearbethany 5:58 PM  

annie, I REALLY want to read this more guess what i am gonna do...

I AM SUBSCRIBING. take that bitch.
hugs and kises. me

Annie 6:41 PM  

Beth, WOW! I didn't even know subscribing was an OPTION.

Ariane - oh. These Dairy Queen times just blur together into one amazing blurry time. I shall EDIT.

PS - Blogger is gay.

Anonymous 10:15 PM  

I agree, blogger is of the awkwardness lately. It's rather annoying, I've been having issues with posting for almost the last 3 posts.

Sonya 10:45 AM  

Annie, you made me laugh myself silly...AGAIN!! I hope you know that I will never be able to go to DQ again without thinking about the Brownie Bladder Blizzard!