Friday, June 22, 2007

Wonderland = Success

Wonderland was a success.

Luke came by in Aesop to pick up Ian and I earl-eye in the morning. We tried to meet Amanda at the car-pool by 9:09 AM. Got there much later than 9:09 AM. Grabbed Amanda, jumped on the highway, stopped for Iced Capps, got to the park.

Although the weather network lied about the NO CLOUDS thing, gorgeous weather awaited us in 'VOGGIN'. Ha ha. Voggin. Vaughan. Anyway, bright blue skies... billowy white clouds.... temperature not too hot and not too cold. Kind of perfect for a day at an amusement park.

Came in, stood in line at THUNDER RUN. Tried to scare Amanda about roller coasters by telling her terrible stories about people peeing their pants, vomiting and dying. The ride was an uneventful success. Then, THE BAT, the infamous and fantastically fun backwards, forwards and upside-down roller coaster. Almost got kicked out of the ride by line-jumping. "Line-jumpers: you know who you are. WE know who you are. You will not be able to go on this ride!" Classic amusement park scare-tactics.

We walked around a lot, stood in line a lot, made fun of a lot of people. Saw numerous "Crocs families", tie-dyed shirts (at least 7?), bad hair, bad clothes, strange tattoos and even kids with RAT-TAILS. I didn't even know those were still LEGAL. We got some food, said "that's what she said" about 8 times a minute, squealed like little girls on ALL the rides. Amanda didn't fit in the rides very well because of her tiny stature and almost had a baaaaad experience on JET SCREAM. Ian sat out the swings, yes, the SWINGS, because he was afraid of vomiting.

We ended the night by eating a late dinner at the Outback. Our waitress was weird. Kind of brusque but too personal at the same time. She told us celiacs we couldn't eat the garlic mashed potatoes even though the gluten-free menu said we could. I think it was near the end of her shift.

We got home late and we were all verrrrry tired. But it was a great day! Gotta love the Wonderland.

Memorable Quotes of the Day:

"Yeah, Tomb Raider! Yeah! Yeah, Tomb Raider!!!!" -- Luke, waiting in line for the ride Tomb Raider

"I really didn't like Tomb Raider." -- Luke, walking away after Tomb Raider

"That's heat." -- Amanda

"Shmurrrmna-shmurrrshmurr-de-shmee-de-blabbety-bla-bla-SUDDEN AND PAINFUL DEATH-ba-shmee-deshmurrr-na-bla-bla-bla" -- Our take on what the ride operator must have been saying into the microphone in the line-up for TOP GUN

"That's jokes, guy." -- A few of us (trust me, we weren't serious)

"Mommy, there's a man lying on the ground." -- Young child, seeing Ian taking a break, lying down in the parking lot

"I don't need a man." -- Annie, while eating an ice-cream-covered fudgy delicious GLUTEN FREE brownie at the Outback

Me fighting gluten. Luke eating the gluten.

It was bright.

No cookies for us. Mandie looks more happy than sad. I look like I'm about to kill the next person I see.

"But WHY is he on the ground, Mommy?!"

Her first ever upside-down roller coaster ride!



Luke ordered steak and they made it very RARE. Gross. Poor Luke.


Mandie 11:31 PM  

HAAAAAAAAHAHAAHAHAHAHA the Top Gun announcer. Haaaahahaa.

And, ALMOST had a terrible experience on the Jet Scream? How about worst experience of my life. I almost fell out. The restraints were painful and you guys were making puke noises. TERRIBLE.

Tomb Raider smelled bad.


Mandie 11:32 PM  

And that

Annie 11:39 PM  

I don't know why Tomb Raider didn't smell bad to me. It SHOULD have..... ewwww. All those faces pressed up against the thingy. Gross.

I want another one of those brownies.

JACK SEX! hahahahahahahha

Sonya 8:09 PM  

Annie, why is it that whenever I read your blog I laugh myself silly? And then I wish that I could've have been there with you experiencing all the fun & mayhem. You really must make a visit to the 'Loops and entertain me in person. :)

Annie 10:54 AM  

I will definitely come back to the 'Loops one of these days! I miss it like crazy. Annnnnd... this "Settlers" I keep hearing about needs to be played by me. Sounds too fun to miss out on!

luke 6:00 PM  

haha such good times! i laughed pretty hard with your rendition of the top gun announcer.

also, i confess, my heart was racing pretty fast when the guy at the bat said that they knew who the line jumpers were!

wierd though, didn't see anyone puke/any puke on the ground this time. that usually happens

luke 6:00 PM  


Annie 6:24 PM  

I've never seen Puke at wonderland.... but I've seen LUKE at wonderland.