Sunday, July 01, 2007

summer can be boring

People go away during the summer. Also, people are BUSY during the summer and don't have time to update their blogs. This makes life boring for certain Annies. Certain Annies have a normal schedule ALL YEAR LONG because certain Annies don't go to school. Certain Annies work all year. Sigh. Bored with the internet.

Hung out in Grimsby today.... such a great day. I bought a bathing suit, Mary Anne and I swam, hung out a bit in downtown Grimsby, watched some teev. Later Jordan came home and we barbecued steaks and then watched Jaws. Oh, Jaws. Classic '70s movie. The weather was GREAT, and we felt so relaxed, it was perfick. Yes, perfick.

Okay, an old SNL is on right now and because it's Matthew Fox hosting I am tempted to watch it.


Anonymous 1:26 AM  

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy? ... redrum ...

Annie 12:32 PM  

oooh, that's a good summer movie to watch...

dearbethany 8:25 PM  

I was about to watch SNL too...but I fell asleep. I did watch mad tv. it was pretty hilarious. there was a sketch about scrubs that made me laugh out loud. i am going to put it on facebook. wait...i was pretty delirious last night (like the band) it may not be as funny. i shall see.

Sonya 10:58 PM  

Poor Annie. I'll try to keep my blog updated...just for your amusement.

Dorothea 2:58 PM  

Yeah, I've noticed that too. I've had the same schedule and work load for the past 14 months but summer came and I am not really in the mood to blog anymore either. And when I do blog my blogs either make no sense or they are super long.

I think in the summer people don't read blogs because people don't write them and people don't write them because noone reads them. It's a vicious circle.