Thursday, July 19, 2007


Today is Thursday, right?

I went to the store earlier and the man behind the counter asked me if I was British. I was like.... "What? do I sound British?", and he was like, "oh, no, now you sound Canadian". It was weird.

Val is not home. I'm home alone. When I finished work for the day I rented a documentary about eating disorders from Select Video called "Thin". Being alone and watching something as sad as that film was actually kind of liberating. I curled up on the living room floor and watched the whole thing alone. At the end I bawled my eyes out. There was a 15 year old girl in the film who was absolutely so heartbreaking. I couldn't help but cry. I must say I was paranoid that Val would come home in the middle of my cryfest but she didn't, and it ended up being quite a cleansing experience.

Oh, speaking of Select Video. I always rent movies under Val's account, and since it's not mine there is a password I have to use. I trust you all so I'm not worried about disclosing it: the password is "George Michael". Every time I go in there and the person behind the counter asks me for the password I get a different reaction. Last time I went in the people behind the counter snorted with laughter and asked me if the password was in reference to George Michael the singer/songwriter or the character from Arrested Development. Today the guy just gave me a deadpan look and told me I had to pay a late fee. Dam' jaded video store employees.

Speaking of that little sh1t George Michael... we need to get him de-clawed. Seriously. I realized the other day that he is basically a wild cat. Like, completely not tame at all. Feral. That is the correct term. He uses his claws on everything. Guests to our apartment literally bleed after George Michael attacks them. Usually unprovoked. It's not okay! George Michael must be stopped.

Okay I want to go read some book. Later.


Anonymous 9:54 PM  

When I was in LA in 2005 after my cruise, we did a tour of Hollywood. I went into a shop, came out with a bag ... and as I was getting back onto the bus, I chatted with the driver. He asked if I was English and if I was there to be in movies. (1) I totally do not sound English in the least -- though I guess he had a southern drawl, so it would sound different to him, (2) um, me? movies? surely you jest ... I'm like, the Janeane Garofalo of our generation, I'd only get parts b/c I have a quirky sense of style, the occasional barb, and they'd need someone to be the misfortunate girl circa Romy & Michele's High School Reunion.

Anonymous 9:55 PM  

Also, now I must try to find this documentary and watch it for myself.

Annie 9:58 PM  

you gotsta. it's good. hard to watch, of course, but very real. it's an HBO documentary if that helps you find it.

Anonymous 12:50 AM  

I love documentaries, as nerdy as that sounds. But I love that they are real ...

Tennille 4:02 AM  

I also love documentaries, and well be parusing the video store for this one. I watched "Human Trafficking" recently, and although it was very disturbing, and hard to watch, it was a really well done movie.

OMG Annie!! I just read the previous post about Penny. I'm so sorry. I remember it was the exact same thing when Rex passed away, he just wouldn't move and he was so sick. My family had to put him down when I was in Romania, it was so sad.

Dorothea 9:27 AM  

Nooooooo. Do you know how painful declawing is for cats? And they tend to learn how to bite harder after that. It's really weird.
Have you ever just cut his claws?