Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend in Kinkerdeen

Quick update:

Had an excellent weekend... went to Kinkerdeen. I mean Kincardine. Had chillfest with the Allens. Great family! A lot of fun. Also very celiac-accomodating. Spent some time roasting in the sun at the beach. Spent some time avoiding icy cold water at the beach. Saw some fireworks courtesy of Bruce Power. Highlights of weekend:

- Getting "Ohhh Kincardine, Ohhhhhhhh Kincardine!" stuck in my head. Thanks Luke.
- Reading half of a Sweet Valley High book found in the Allens' basement bookshelf
- Reading about 6 Berenstain Bears books found in the Allens' basement bookshelf
- Toy cars and My Little Pony
- Stargazing
- Going for a few spins in the zippy red convertible
- The blue chips
- Dissing Port Elgin
-MAD LIBS: "Make sure you visit your GYNECOLOGIST to give your HOTDOG a TOUGH tune-up before you go" .... "His CHUNKY stories made us VOMIT out loud"... "If you're into camping, fishing or FALLING, the Grand Canyon is the place for you"
- "Where is he? Oh, he's still trying to get the lid of the soap open"
- "The chuckwagons were going 100 MILES AN HOUR"

Fun times.


Anonymous 12:43 AM  

Haha, MadLibs. Good times. Jealous that you got to sit at a beach, it's been rainy and only about 25 or so here for the past week. And you know that's awful for here ...

Claire 7:46 PM  

Heehee....that was funny. How ARE you friend? I'm finally back in the Hammer again...whatcha doing these days? Are you free sometime this week?

Anonymous 11:47 PM  

Aaaaannie ... why are you not posting to your blog? Hmmmmmm?