Friday, August 31, 2007

Posty postyness

Time for another update.

It is now LONG WEEKEND TIME. I'm going to Woodstock with Ian and Val. I love going to Woodstock because it feels almost like I'm going to a cottage. I haven't gone away at all this summer really, and I've been working a lot so it's friggin' time for a break. That's what I say. Plus Mom and Art have a little Golden Retriever puppy so of course I have to go check him out.

If you ever buy grape Fanta, be warned that it tastes like nail polish. Oh, and it stains your tongue. And no, I have not ever deliberately tasted nail polish. And yes, I just looked at my own tongue. WITHOUT using a mirror. Takes talent.

Something that has been entertaining me lately: when people have verb names. The past few weeks Ian, Luke, Jordan and I have been thinking of a whole list of hilarious verb names. Verb name: a name that is also an action word. Here are a bunch we've thought of so far.....


If you can think of any more add to the list!

I'm going to go clean my room now. It's going to be awesome.


Anonymous 11:49 AM  

Russell, Chip, Skip ... I forget already, was Pat on there?

Annie 5:28 PM  

good ones.
'pat' is actually the name that made me laugh hysterically when i realized it was a verb and thus started this whole thang. it's a good one.