Thursday, October 25, 2007


My throat is sore. I think I'm getting that cold that went around a couple of weeks ago that I was pretty sure I escaped from. You know what's weird? Really weird? I don't mind having colds. I mean... I don't like the mucousy disgusting stage of the cold, but the rest of it isn't too bad. Colds sort of force me to relax. Maybe it's the drugs I take to try and get through the cold. Yeah, mayyyyybe that's it. I am sort of zoned out/stoned right now, that must be it, that must be the reason for this post. But anyway, colds I can deal with. The stomach flu is another matter. Luckily that barely ever happens.

That reminds me of my life before I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I used to just start puking randomly and would have to leave work, and then I would inexplicably be okay within hours. It really sucked. I'm glad that's over.

I STILL haven't done my laundry. I hate doing laundry in my building... although it never ceases to be an adventure when I do. I have to take the elevator to the 18th floor (I'm on the 4th floor) so I almost always share the elevator with other people. I don't know if it's my building in particular or just the fact that I live in HAMILTON, but 90% of the time the person I share the elevator with is ..... well.... bizarre. The last time I did laundry I shared the elevator with a man who tried to engage me in small talk the whole time, but in a forced and stilted way:

Elevator man: "So do you like to read." (no 'hello', no starter comment, just dove right in, and he said it in a monotone voice too, both white hands intensely gripping a shopping bag in front of him)

Annie: "uh... yeah (nervous laugh) ... when I get the chance to!" (me forcing lightheartedness and for some reason feeling the pressure to make HIM feel comfortable)

Elevator man: "Oh. Uh. Where do you work."

Annie: "Oh, in a doctor's office." (smiling, trying not to feel ridiculously awkward)

Elevator man: "What do you like to do for fun." (never breaking intense eye contact)

Annie: "Oops, here's my floor. Uhh... I don't know, I like to read!" (practically stumbling off the elevator in my hurry to get out of there)

So yes, maybe I fear doing laundry because of scenarios like this. I should just do it though. Even though there have been rumors flying around the building about a man being arrested for sexual assault who lived on the 2nd floor, and the fact that there have been a billion recent car break-ins in the underground parking lot AND the fact that we no longer have superintendents living in our building. And the fact that a drug dealer lives down the hall from us and at all hours of the day and night we hear people knocking on his door, sometimes for half an hour at a time.

Well, here goes. I can't put the laundry off any longer. If I haven't blogged again in 10 days call the police.


airs anes 2:04 AM  

thats poop. I did launders today. we have a mash-een thiough

Mandie 5:17 PM  

wow, this post really makes me want to move to hamilton...drug dealers and elevator men?? eek!

Dorothea 11:26 PM  

um... have you ever thought of moving?
Your building seems quite dangerous.

Dorothea 11:27 PM  

Day two...