Sunday, October 28, 2007

No one has to call the police.

I'm back, and unscathed by the tenants of my building.

My throat is still SORE, so sore in fact that I'm thinking I might have strep or tonsillitis or something. If it doesn't get better in a few days I guess I'll have to go see my doctor. And then, possibly anti-biotics. Yesssss. Just kidding. At least the days of banana-flavoured penicillin are over? Hopefully?

I am in the middle of watching the movie Fracture with Ian. It's pretty boring and slow-moving. I wouldn't recommend it. We also rented 'Poltergeist', because Halloween is just around the corner. The girl behind the counter at the video store said it terrified her as a child and that she would never watch it again.

The little Weather Network icon is telling me right now that Hamilton is under a "frost warning"... it tends to always be wayyyy off so we'll see.

This post is basically to reassure Dorothea that I am still alive. So I will go now and continue watching Fracture.



Dorothea 4:59 PM  

First of all glad you are still alive and wow that must be a really boring movie if you felt the need to leave in the middle of it to reassure me.

Secondly ...banana-flavoured penicillin?!!!... You were so lucky. I just always got it straight without any delectable cocktail. Hence always opting for the shot.

Annie 5:20 PM  

ewwwww. plain penicillin?? you're right. banana is MUCH better.

and yes... the movie was terrible.