Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two-Four. Two-fer?

Finnnnnnally it is getting nice and chilly outside. Is that a weird thing to love? Chilly weather? Anyway, I think the weirdest thing to have happened in a loooooooong time is actually eating Thanksgiving dinner out on the patio. The weather was so warm, people were outside swimming at the beach and tanning and eating picnics and wearing shorts and tank tops as though it was July. I don't know if I've ever experienced weather this warm in October.

I had my birthday on Sunday. My whole Thanksgiving weekend/birthday weekend was packed full of fun stuff.

On Friday I went to Red Lobster with Luke, the Roys and Ian. I have wanted to go there for YEARS and finally did it. I had the "Ultimate Feast", which was definitely Ultimate. Later we drank wine and hung out at my apartment.

On Saturday, Luke, his sister Rebecca, their mom Kathy and I headed to the Niagara region to tour some wineries. We went to three different places and sampled various delicious wines. It was a gorgeous day with the weather switching from dramatic and torrential rain to misty warm sunshine and back again to rain. We ended up browsing through shops in Niagara on the Lake.... or as Claire would say, NOTL (nottle). I love NOTL and all the old, beautiful Bed and Breakfasts everywhere.

Saturday night we all drove to Kincardine (Yes.... I know. Kinkerdeen. Let's all laugh some more my famous mispronunciation.). On Sunday the actual day of my birth (well, 24 years ago from that day was the day of my ACTUAL birth....) we spent the day in Kincardine. Luke and I went for a hike, but the weather was so hot and humid it was maybe a mistake. We had a delicious Thanksgiving birthday lunch, some cranberry wine, and then a few hours later Luke and I left for Toronto.

We had dinner at the CN Tower which was a surprise... there is a verrrrry nice restaurant there. We had more wine. Wow. I drink a lot of wine, don't I? Is it time for an intervention?

Anyway, dinner was lovely, although we didn't get a view from the restaurant as it was a very foggy night.... butttt dinner was still lovely.

Monday we went to Woodstock to have dinner with my parents and my fam, minus Val. Ariane and Danielle gave me a fake halloween rat for my birthday present. Thanks girls. It terrified me and I thought it was real and I refused to touch it until I absolutely knew it wasn't going to bite me.

Mom made gluten free pumpkin pie. She somehow found an amazing recipe for a crust and I honestly couldn't tell the difference between GF and regular. A miracle! I didn't get stuffing, but it was all okay because of the PIE!


Mandie 11:47 PM  


I definitely can't call it by it's regular name anymore.

aragorn 12:52 PM  

rat was fun. rat is good. how is rat?

Annie 5:30 PM  

Rat is terrifying, thanks for asking.

Claire 11:56 PM  

Whoa. Whoa. WTF a good GF pie crust recipe? No shit. Can you share with me?

Annie 8:30 AM  

yes, my mom wrote it out for me... i can send you a copy. the crust might only be good for something like pumpkin pie though because it has cinnamon in it. i get that is easily omitted. pumpkin pie is so hearty though so i'm not sure if it would be as good with another pie. worth a try though.