Monday, October 01, 2007


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time to update. My last post was so melancholy! I am still slightly homesick but come on, LIFE is happening over here.

This weekend a few of us went apple picking. It was a fun time, and if I ever get the pictures from Mary Anne, maybe I'll post some of them. Let me just say this, if I took anything important from a day at an apple farm picking apples and GRAPES (yes, GRAPES), I now know why fake grape flavour tastes the way it does. Concord grapes. Seriously, try one and it will all come together. Even kool aid will make sense. Eeeeeeven though it was grape kool aid all those folks in Jonestown drank to kill themselves. Oops. But yes, concord grapes taste like fake grape flavour.

This weekend coming up is Thanksgiving weekend, and also my birthday weekend (yes, I get a whole weekend). It will be a majorly fun time although I must say I am dreading going without a lot of my favourite food. My first gluten free holiday ever. No stuffing, gravy, pumpkin pie. Sigh. Mandie, do you know of a good gluten free pie crust? Please say you do.

My dream is to purchase an electric blanket. I'm serious. I don't think I've wanted anything so intensely. I've wanted one ever since I found out what electric blankets were years and years ago, and I could never afford one and then I realized probably yesterday or the day before that I now earn my own money and can buy myself an electric blanket, (yeah, took me awhile) so I am now incredibly excited about shopping for one. I almost like chilly nights because I can find things to keep me warm, like hot water bottles and those microwave socks with rice in them and cats. And electric blankets.

I'm reading Leonard Cohen's first novel and I'm about halfway through now so I think I'll go work on it a bit and then fall asleep.

Good night everyone.


Mandie 8:03 PM  

You can buy gluten free El Peto pie crusts at Zehr's. Or, I have a crustless pumpkin pie recipe somewhere. I'll find it for you. I make a mean banana cake, but for some reason, we can't get pie crusts to work properly. There are frozen ones, for sure though.

And, if you save all the end pieces from the tiny loaves of gf bread, you can make stuffing. Even the stale nasty bread in the back of the freezer is good in stuffing.

Also, I love my electric blanket with a PASSION. That sounds rather nasty, but I just feel very strongly about electric blankets. Buy one. Do it.

Sonya 1:43 PM  

I've been thinking about buying an electric blanket myself. On cold winter nights I microwave those bean bag thingies and take them to bed with me. But they don't stay warm very long.