Tuesday, November 20, 2007

assortment of facts about today

1. i have decided to not use capital letters or correct punctuation

2. i am currently jazzed out of my mind on caffeine

3. kamloops is boring during the day and kamloopsians need to hang out with me ASAP... tennille, check your facebook! sonya! are you around? sharon.... facebook!

4. i finally watched the movie 'amelie'... it had lots more sex than i thought it would have. i thought it would be innocent. not so! nope, definitely not so

5. the book of crossword puzzles i bought is wayyy too difficult for me and google is basically getting me through it, slowwwly

6. i need to get out of the house

7. luke is coming here in FOUR DAYS

8. i bought shampoo earlier (biolage) and it smells so good i am considering taking another shower

9. houses that are heated with forced air are the coziest

10. i miss george michael.

EDIT: actually, i don't miss george michael. val, how are you liking waking up at 5 to feed the cat? mua ha ha