Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holidaying AGAIN...

So, I happen to have the next 2 weeks off work. I had one week off in September and now I have 2 more in November.

I am going back to BC!

I had such an amazing time when I went for just a week in September I vowed that I would go back the next chance I got. So, here I am, packing up my stuff for my early flight tomorrow morning. I'm pretty excited.

Luke is coming for 5 days during my second week there and that's also pretty cool.

My mom is graciously driving me to the airport for my 7:15 AM flight and will be sleeping over tonight. My payment to her is that I have to make her dinner. Who knew that cooking could be so expensive? I picked out a relatively easy sounding dinner online from a gluten free site. "Vegetable Cheese Fusilli Bake". Guess how much the ingredients cost? Over $50! Insane! So this is why I don't cook at home very often...

I had better go pack, for real.