Monday, November 12, 2007

Things I Did Today:


  • Knit a scarf to the sounds of Pink Floyd's The Wall
  • Ate dinner at Bronzie's with Val
  • Used the phrase "that's gay dot com"
  • Drank about 4 giant cups of coffee with tons of cream and sugar at work because I forgot to bring a lunch
  • Ranted to Val about the structure of today's church and then later apologized for being intense and bitter and unforgiving
  • Felt guilty about not working on my Earth and Space Science course
  • Realized it's okay that I'm one of those people who really needs alone time once in awhile
  • Got excited for my trip to BC which is LESS THAN ONE WEEK AWAY
  • Almost ate a piece of glutenous bread at Bronzie's because I'm reaching the end of the 'honeymoon stage' of being diagnosed as a celiac and realizing this diagnosis does not solve all of life's problems and because I'm having a much harder time dealing with it than I had anticipated and that I am incredibly tempted to eat gluten even though it kills my stomach
  • Decided to make this list


Mandie 12:08 AM  

great minds, indeed.

You need to have dinner at my house sometime. No gluten here. Or better yet, we need to make a trip to the Flying Dog for some burn-your-face-off Pad Thai. That would be lovely.

Dorothea 4:29 PM  

You're taking an Earth and Space Science course?

Well if you ever feel tempted to reach for glutenous food make sure you have the cavalry in your purse.

Annie 5:07 PM  

Mandie - I think that I definitely NEED some of that pad thai. Like, literally "need". I might die of gluten if I don't eat something gluten free and not disgusting ASAP! I'll let you know next time I'm in Waterloo and hopefully you'll be free and we can do the pad thai thing.

Dorothea - Yeah, but it's a highschool course... it's really stupid. I need another credit in order to even apply for school. They never told me this in highschool and now this is the only thing standing in my way! Ugh! Don't worry, I won't eat gluten. At least I'll try my best.

Luke 8:05 PM  

haha bronzies! wow, when was the last time you had been?

p.s. space is awesome, i would practically volunteer to do that course for you!

Luke 8:07 PM  

p.s. don't go to, not quite as gay as they make it out to be

Annie 8:15 PM  

i totally just went to '' and was thoroughly unimpressed.

ariane 1:47 AM  

I like that phrase. ALso coem to london for jubilee with katie. Also.... Luke WOULD go to ahaha.

Luke 1:59 AM  


Lord Kerrance 3:14 PM  

If it helps, I happen to know that Boston Pizza does some amazing Celiac-friendly thing that is expensive but reeks of awesomeness. Also, Nachos.

Annie 4:04 PM  

Boston Pizza, really? I went there once after I went gluten free and their service wasn't very good... maybe it was just the location/server at that particular restaurant. However, I am curious to hear about this reeking-of-awesomeness-yet-expensive meal!

Luke 8:01 PM  

the one in hamilton is terrible compared to waterloo