Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More o' the same

This week has really been a big week for dealing with \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Sorry, had to clean my keyboard. It was really dirty.


This week has really been big for me in learning to be content and satisfied in my current situation. Not that I have a "situation" in particular, but I have never been good at just finding happiness with the regular "everyday" that I deal with, and that everyone else deals with. I tend to find myself subconciously trying to mimic the way other people live in hopes of being "happy" like them, even though I don't know the true state of their hearts. So for some reason this week I have found myself having to learn to be content with my own everyday life. It's been kind of nice, even if learning and adjusting and growing isn't necessarily a walk in the park. It's so random how certain stuff just comes up and you deal with it and then you move on to whatever's next.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, I have decided that I totally want a hand-made quilt. Maybe it's because Luke has one and I'm jealous, but I think it's my goal to either learn to sew one or to just fork out the cash and pay for one at the next craft show I come across. Yes, I know, I know, they are supposedly really difficult to make and very time consuming, which is why I'll probably just end up buying one. And yes, I know they're expensive. But what's better than curling up underneath a hand-made quilt? I challenge you, WHAT ??

Actually, don't answer that. I'm sure there are many, many things better than that. But for now a hand-made quilt is what I want.

So if anyone knows of any outstanding craft shows/quilt stores in the area, be sure to let me know!

Annnnnd, oops... looks like I'm not "satisfied enough in my current everyday situation" to go on living without a hand-made quilt. This post is really lacking in continuity.


Sonya 11:16 PM  

Annie, you crack me up girl! We used to have a handmade quilt. SO comfy, but I must say, not exactly durable. Actually, come to think of it, we still have it. But it's been demoted to a camping blanket.

The Leb 8:58 AM  

Better than curling up under a quilt? What about curling up inside a fresh Tauntaun with Han Solo on Hoth?

I got a good snicker over the keyboard cleaning :oD