Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mmmmmmm Fall

Well well, it's the start of another week. I have to be at work by 8:00 A.M. tomorrow. I am not hating this as much as one might think. I am actually looking forward to the thought of getting up and getting a Tim Horton's french vanilla on the way to work. I might not love it so much by the end of the day, however.

I really think I should start knitting again this week. There is nothing quite like a relaxing evening drinking tea, watching TV and knitting.

Wait a minute... that kind of made me sound like someone of the 50+ variety. Oh well.

Apparently it 'may' snow this week. I kind of hope it does but at the same time I would really like the Fall to last as long as possible. Best season ever.

Also, I think I might celebrate American thanksgiving this year. I'll make it sort of a second chance for myself to have a nice turkey dinner with everything, including stuffing (gluten free, of course).

I think I'll go read before I head to bed.


Sonya 11:13 AM  

Oh, what a great idea to celebrate the American thanksgiving! Another excuse to pig out on great food! Now why have I never thought of this before?

Annie 5:41 PM  

I have just been asking myself the same thing. The only problem is I don't get an extra day off. But I suppose I can deal with that. :)