Friday, November 02, 2007


I have decided today that I need to adjust my attitude.

Lately I've been feeling sort of bitter and irritable. I'm not completely sure why, although there are DEFINITELY a couple situations in my life aggravating me. The point I'm really trying to make though is that I've realized that I don't HAVE to feel crappy because of other people. Only I can ultimately decide how I want to feel.

Instead of always expecting the worst in certain situations I can just decide to be happy and positive and things will look brighter. It's exhausting work always being angry, and I am definitely tired of it. Giving certain people the benefit of the doubt for me almost feels like giving up or losing a battle, but I am finally asking myself, "is it worth it?" I don't think it is, if the price I have to pay to "win" is feeling upset a lot of the time.

Nope. It's time to be positive. And to learn to let go.


ariane. 2:07 AM  

you go notor. You go. I love you and yes don't put up with stuff to avoid confrontation. let that shat out. Although lets face it... who am I to talk.