Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Model THIS

Shallow or not, I enjoy America's Next Top Model. I just watched the season finale and... I .... am surprised by the outcome. Out of the last 3 girls remaining, the girl who won seems the least likely to succeed as a model. I'm beginning to think the show is more political than objective. Hmmm. I probably should have known that to begin with but hey, I'm easily manipulated. The show is still enjoyable though.

Less than a week and a half until Christmas breakkkkkkk! This year my family is really toning down the festivities... a part of me is happy about this but most of me is still hugely into celebrating all the glitz and glamour of Christmas. I don't care about getting gifts necessarily (although I'm a sucker for stockings), I really get into the decorating and baking and music and all those holiday-y things. We won't even have a tree this year and I'm pretty sad about that. I don't think I've ever had a Christmas without a tree. Oh well... I guess I can deal with it.

I have a headache right now. It's not a typical Annie headache (the tension kind that won't go away no matter what), I think it's a gluten-induced headache. That's right, gluten induced. (Mandie don't be mad!) I've had a rough grocery week so I've been eating glutenous food from work and I'm really starting to feel it. The denial phase is officially over, ladies and gentlemen: I truly do have Celiac disease. There is no mistake about it. The mounting pressure in my head/crazy brain fog does not lie. Nor does the irritability. I need to take control of this.

I will now go conclude the watching of The Santa Clause, one of my yearly Christmas season must-sees.


Lord Kerrance 11:13 PM  

Christmas without a tree? Wow, that would be hard for me. Maybe you should suggest getting a wee Charlie Brown-style one like we have.

Annie 4:48 PM  

I think my mom is going to do that, so that will be better than nothing, except for the fact that it has to sit "on the dog crate" so their puppy won't eat it. How classy and festive.

Mandie 10:54 PM  

I just finished watching a rerun of the ANTM finale. For some reason that show is so fascinating. They're so skinny and annoying. I ate ice cream the whole time, and justified it because I sound smarter than them when I talk.