Monday, December 17, 2007

Self-indulgent babble

I am absolutely in DIRE need of a haircut. I've been putting it off and putting it off but I cannot do so any longer. Curly hair is quite effective when it comes to hiding tacky grown-out cuts, but this Saturday I decided to straighten my hair and my immediate need of a haircut became obvious. I need to deal with this curly mop. What I really want is a piecey straight cut with bangs, but this would mean a crazy amount of daily maintenance considering the fact that my hair is very curly and very thick and very fine, which makes for a lot of work no matter what. Currently it takes me an hour and a half to straighten my thick locks and I'm not so sure that a straight style is my best option.

My whole life I have wanted straight hair. I haaaaaaaaate being a slave to curly hair. I know that most people wish for what they can't have, and this is incredibly true for me. Sadly I need to find something that works for me with the hair that I have. I'm still pretty tempted to get a straight style though so we'll see what happens.

Amazing how much thought I put into this.


Luke 12:07 AM  

p.s. maybe we should have a straightening party

p.s.s. just kidding

p.s.s.s maybe not, slightly curious

p.s.s.s.s. i'm actually not sure

p.s.s.s.s.s. i like your curly hair

p.s.s.s.s.s.s. i guess i need an actual message to get away with all these p.s's

Annie 7:23 PM  

hee hee

Lord Kerrance 11:03 AM  

Annie, as someone who resisted their curly hair for the first 23 years of their life, I realy want to encourage you to embrace your inner clown wig. Curly hair is awesome. I won't call you a copycat if you want to grow a fro like I have.

Mandie 4:23 PM  

straightening party?! I'm SO IN!!!

Dorothea 9:38 PM  

wow, I so want your hair!!!
You at least have it one way naturally. Mine is in between it's not curly it's not straight. I always have to work on mine to make it go either way not both. lol.
I'm not sure what straightener you're using, but usually CHI is really good. I know for me compared to my old one, it cut down the time from 1 1/2 hour to just 1/2.

Annie 10:11 PM  

I use a Chi! I couldn't even DREAM of straightening my hair before the Chi straightener existed. It has truly changed my life, even though straightening still takes an hour and a half. I tried my friend's newer Chi this weekend and it worked way better than mine... maybe it's almost time to invest in a newer one. And then.... straightening party! You're all invited!

Dorothea 10:34 PM  

lol, Awesome. I am so in. It will be a CHI party!!!
I'll bring my CHI, you bring your CHI everybody CHI!!!

Luke 11:46 PM  

my chi tells me that this straightening party might be bad news bears

Dorothea 6:03 PM  

Haha. Luke I believe there are pictures to prove that you have quite enjoyed the power of the CHI at least once in your life.
If Annie permits it you are invited as well if you'd like. Come on you, can't deny the call of the CHI.