Monday, December 24, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It wasn't supposed to snow this Christmas, at least this is what we were originally told. Rain, 10 degrees. This is what I was expecting. Last night in Woodstock we had "snowsqualls", and this morning there was a foot of snow on our driveway. This makes me very happy.

The house is empty except for the dog, cats and I. I was thinking of getting some more Christmas shopping done today (I know, I know it's the 24th) but after some thought I have concluded that no, I am actually done shopping. Now is the time to relax and enjoy the holidays. I am finding it a bit hard to dial down, though. It's hard to relax after a hectic few weeks.

I think I might go bake something.

Happy Holidays, everyone.


Dorothea 12:35 PM  

Merry Christmas!!!

Lord Kerrance 11:29 PM  

Feel free to send some of that baking along with that Luke fellow. And did you listen to the CDs? Also, I'm bored and alone in the house. Finally, I think there may be a murderer in the attic. Fourthly and foremost...I'm a pretty airplane.

Annie 12:27 AM  

You're alone in the haus? That's freaky... especially since you apparently have a murderer in the attic and possibly a poltergeist in the haus. And that you might be going insane (pretty airplane?). Have a safe, grounded in reality, merry christmas! PS - the CD rocks! Luke and I listened to it on the way to Kincardine the other night!