Monday, January 07, 2008

Updates and such

Whelp, I really haven't updated in awhile. Let's see. What's new with me?

I had a terrific Christmas break, though of course it flew by and I could have used wayyy more time off. I spent some time in Kinkerdeen (ha) with Luke's family playing board games, going for icy cold winter walks, eating a lot of delicious food and watching cheesy Christmas movies (Who knew there was a For Better or For Worse holiday special about a stuffed bunny?). Christmas day and the days after it were spent in Woodstock with Ian and the parents, trying to relax with 3 cats and a very hyper puppy in one house. It was madness.

New year's was spent back in Kincardine with friends of Luke's and other friends of the Allens. The highlight of the night was when we tried the old "Mentos and Diet Coke" stunt, causing a mini-geyser in the back yard. It really worked! I really, really didn't think it would. Amazing. All you do is pour a package of Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke and it instantly starts spraying foamy, minty Diet Coke everywhere. Check out Facebook for the video.

Now that all the holiday madness is over I am back to work, which of course is a huge drag after the freedom of doing whatever I wanted for over a week.

Actually it's not all bad, because now I have the CRUISE to look forward to in February!


Sonya 11:27 AM  

You're going on a cruise?? You lucky girl.

I saw your video on Facebook. Too funny!