Thursday, January 17, 2008


I haven't posted in a little while because I have been re-thinking my blog. When I started blogging I kind of used it as an outlet, a place to put my thoughts out there ... and basically to just write what I wanted to. I've noticed that over the past little while my blog has become sort of an update-y diary type blog, and I'm not so sure I'm a big fan of that. The stuff I write is a bit dry, and definitely too 'safe'. Every time I start typing out a new post, I feel scared that I could be judged negatively by the people who read this.

I was looking back over the archives of my past 3 years of blogging (yes, almost 3 whole years!) and for awhile there I was writing stuff I really wanted to write. Stuff I had on my heart, random personal rants, even poetry. Now for some reason I feel stupid putting that stuff out there for all of you to read. I don't know why, but now I feel more vulnerable.

I'm not too sure what I want to do with this blog. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and start writing what I want to write, whether I'm judged for it or not. We'll see.



Anonymous 1:25 AM  

What I've learned in my crazy years at university, is that when you have a writing outlet, and you can toy in creativity, you should always go for it.

I know my blog is functioning as a place to just jot down my day, much like the diary form you refered to, and for now, that works for me. My type of writing is such, though, that I can go on a personal rant in the midst of an otherwise mundane update. But that's also the kind of short-attention spanned person I am.

Have fun with it. Or do what I did, scrap the original blog, and start a new. Make it a FebReso ... otherwise known as a February Resolution. :)

Sonya 5:03 PM  

It's your blog, so you should write whatever you want. (I should really take my own advice! lol)

Annie 9:59 PM  

I like your blog, Sharon... I like it because it suits who you are, and flows well. For me it doesn't 'feel right', to do the diary thing... I think I'm holding back. I guess everyone should do what works for them! I just need to figure out what works for me :(