Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another adventurous few days in the life of Annie

Okayyyyy, it's almost the start of another week of WORK. This past week I was off sick for a few days... I thought I had recovered and then, nope, I was definitely sick again. This involved me puking in the garbage can at work and then promptly getting sent home by my boss in a cab afterwards. Fun fun.

Getting the winter sickness over with is definitely a relief, at least. I'm thankful I didn't have the horrendous head cold everyone else seemed to come down with. Head colds aren't super, especially when they keep you up all night and you can't breathe.

So, I think this goes along with what I wrote earlier about needing to re-think my blog: I think I'm having some sort of early mid-life crisis, or something of that sort of thing. I know, I'm only 24... but still, I think my identity is needing some serious evaluation. Maybe it's because I've been stuck in the same job for a few years and I haven't done much, but I am in massive need of some CHANGE. I can't do what I'm doing forever, and I am really starting to feel that. Plus, Hamilton isn't the place I want to live in forever either. Don't get me wrong... I'm not one of those haters who can't stand Hamilton, I just don't think I'm living to my full potential in this city. Why should I live someplace that I never planned to live in the first place, and only ended up doing so by default because of family? Really. I think a move in the not-so-distant future is in order. I will keep you all updated.

In other news, I am newly addicted to the TV show Gossip Girl. Yes. Have I blogged about this before? It is sounding vaguely familiar. Anyway, free online video sites have sucked me in to the shallow world of Gossip Girl. Oh, and online tabloid news feeds. I feel ridiculous with these choices, but hey, they're addictions... one doesn't usually get addicted to classy things, right? Sometimes I just like relaxing into something fun and mindless, like crappy teen television. Aaaaahhh.

Before I go, I must just add that for some reason my computer area smells like wet dog. It really is bothering me. What the heck do I have that smells like wet dog? I don't know.


Mandie 9:21 AM  

maybe George Michael isn't who you think he is...

Luke 1:06 AM  

i think i need to see this gossip girl. wait. uhh