Monday, February 11, 2008

The Psychic Phenomena of Car-Naming

Something I've been thinking about lately is that every car needs a good name. I've met a lot of well-named cars in my time: Aesop, Sophia Labatt, The Party Car, Carlean, Rattlesnake, Skippy and Pepsi, to name a few. These cars have all matched their names so well it seems to me a supernatural element has to be involved in the naming of a car.

You can't just pick a random name for your car when you feel like it. There seems to be a moment of truth, a "lightbulb moment", when the name for the car seems to fall from heaven. Some people try and try to name their car without success until one day the perfect name just HAPPENS. Sometimes other people will spontaneously name your car and it just fits perfectly. At other times the naming occurs in a most prophetic way.

Example: On Friday Ian, Danielle and I drove to Woodstock to spend some time with the 'rentals (parents). My mom has an old black honda accord which Ian uses from time to time, but mostly sits in front of the house all by itself. As we were driving up to the house and parking next to the honda, this thought went through Danielle's head: "I wonder what the car's name is?". Immediately after this thought entered her mind, I said out loud completely out of nowhere, "That car's name is KATE!" We all stared at each other in humble amazement at the holiness of the moment.

Is that a psychic car-naming moment or what? Danielle did not know why she wondered the name of the car at that exact moment, nor did I remember why I chose that moment to name the car. All I know is that the name KATE bubbled forth from me in a moment of profound prophetic clarity. And as we marvelled over the awesomeness of the moment, we all agreed that Kate is the perfect name for mom's little black honda; it's almost as though it had been waiting for its name to be stated aloud for years.

I wonder... is there a car-naming god up above? Where do these names come from and why do they fit so perfectly?

A part of me finds it sad that one cannot always name their car when or what they want to. I know a few sad unnamed cars out there. I just hold on to the hope that one day the car-naming god will utter forth names for these cars too.

Until then, I am very curious to hear about YOUR various car-naming experiences. Come on. I know some of you drive cars with names. Tell me how your car's name came about!


Anonymous 6:39 PM  

My little civic is named Gidget. Sometimes she is an angry little monster, but most of the time, she just putts about, carefree.

I don't remember why her name is what it is ... which supports the phenomena theory.

Mandie 8:41 PM  

One time, I yelled, "TO THE BATMOBILE!" but my friend heard "Bastmobile". It was a really awesome moment. The name stuck.

Sonya 9:12 PM  

We had an enormous old Caprice quite a number of years back. It was always referred to as a boat, so one day I called it the Wanda Sue...just like the old paddle wheeler in Kamloops. The name stuck and it was Wanda Sue from that day on.

(And Gary would like the record to show that the WS was as ugly as sin!)

Annie 9:15 PM  

I forgot about the Wanda Sue! Ahhhh hahaha I love it...