Sunday, February 03, 2008


So this weekend my brother and I decided to brave the winter storm and head to Woodstock late Friday night. It's not a long drive to Woodstock from Hamilton, only about 45 minutes, but when you're driving through a thick layer of slushy snow in the dark and the car you're in doesn't have winter tires and there's a winter storm warning and it's been snowing for a day and a half and there are cars wedged backwards in ditches along the side of the highway, scary omens of what COULD happen to you at any moment, the drive seems like it takes 3 hours. We finally got to mom's house safe and sound, expecting to meet Luke there at 8:00, but he didn't make it there until 9:00, driving from Waterloo. It was kind of a scary night but fun in the end. I sort of like the feeling of being snowed in, of not having to worry about driving anywhere for awhile, and just getting warm and cozy and watching movies (we watched Jurassic Park.... classic).

Anyway, a lot of the snow is gone from the roads so here we go, back to normal at the start of another week.