Thursday, January 31, 2008

An obsession

Valentine's day is one of my favourite holidays. Wanna know why? Here comes the lamest reason for anything, ever:

Cinnamon hearts.

I honestly look forward to the day these spicy, delicious little babies are sold in stores everywhere. Then I buy a giant bag of them and crunch on them like Lay's. I know it might sound nasty to you, but once I get going I can't stop. CAN'T STOP, I TELL YOU. Once when I was 14 I ate so many I threw up in the middle of the night (bright red) and had to miss church the next morning (score!). Hmmm, actually that does make it sound pretty nasty. The puking, not the missing church. Anyway, I'm eating a bunch of them right now (thank you Bulk Barn!!!) and life couldn't be better. Let's just keep our fingers crossed for no 3 A.M. dashes to the bathroom.

I just tried my darndest to get the VCR to work for, get this, THE SECRET GARDEN. I'm not even talking about the semi-good version of the story in the movie featuring Maggie Smith, who is, I swear, in every single British movie ever filmed (soon to be replaced by Cate Blanchett for being in the highest number of British movies ever). I'm talking about the early 90's Hallmark edition of the movie. I used to watch it at my Grandma's house every time I visited her. It's a pretty exciting piece of work for a kid's movie. At the beginning it shows all these people dying horrific deaths from Cholera, quite graphic, which I think could be a bit scary for a kid. I seem to remember being terrified but riveted. I recently found a copy of it at my mom's and took it home to my apartment to watch. Anyway, my trip down memory lane was cut short when the stupid VCR (or as Ian would call it, 'VHS player'...) wouldn't work. And I realllllllly doubt I'll be able to find it on ALLUC or TV Links or whatever websites have free movies these days, because who, other than me, would ever want to watch it? Sigh.

I think I'll go find something else to watch.

Oh, and I think the HLOG reallllllllllly needs an update! (Good thinking Mandie)


Anonymous 2:29 AM  

What you need is to work in the retail world, where it is Christmas the day before Halloween, and Valentine's Day the day after New Year's.

We've had hearts for weeks now. Weeks. Too bad candy hurts my teeth. No cavities, so why? you've got me beat.