Monday, February 04, 2008

This is for you, Sharon

This is a photo of my new hair. I took this picture of myself after I came home from the hairdresser's. Please note the doubtful and terrified expression on my face. I was pretty unsure of what to think when I came home. I like it a lot now.

While we're at it, let's have a picture post, shall we? Below is a series of photos of Luke trying to be friends with George Michael. It's too bad George Michael's game is to play hard to get. (PS - that plastic bag to the left of the cat is my precious bag of CINNAMON HEARTS!!!!!! Oh how I miss them)


Anonymous 6:02 PM  

Excellent. I like. Only I notice that you were not feeling the bangs. Have you decided you like or dislike them?

I've made another 'hair plan' for myself. I have an appointment for the 19th to make it fabulous (but a surprise, so I will not tell anyone!) and then for my 25th, I'm going to change up the hair COMPLETELY. Yes, I plan THAT far ahead for my hair.

Annie 6:05 PM  

I think I will like the bangs when they grow out a bit more. Right now they stick straight up no matter what I do, and I end up looking STUPID. I hope that ends soon :)

Big hair change for your 25th, eh??? Are you gonna shave your head?!?!?